This is a nice little promotion we spotted. Phone network 48 are giving away free train tickets to locations throughout the country.

If there was ever a time of year we needed to save a bit of cash this is it. They're running it through their Facebook page and it seems pretty easy to enter. Just pop in your details, select your route and they'll tell you within 24 hours if you have a free ride home!

Planning on heading home on either of the following days? Get entering. Head to to find out more.

Friday 13th:

Dublin to Cork: 12.00

Dublin to Galway: 13.25

Cork to Dublin: 15.20

Dublin to Limerick: 15.25


Friday 20th:

Limerick to Cork: 12.45

Waterford to Kilkenny: 13.05

Dublin to Waterford: 13.15

Dublin to Galway: 13.25