There are mixed feelings about it.

We all have that one friend (or you yourself could be that friend) who uploads pictures on Instagram and Snapchat boasting all about them gains. 

If you train in this gym you may need to say goodbye to your phone or cancel your membership.
Dublin City University (DCU) sports complex has banned all members from using phones in its facilities.
The rule has been in place for quite for quite some time, but they wanted to take to remind their members that it's a big no in their complex.
The college , which has a student population of around 17,000, has put the ban in place to ensure the privacy of all members using the facility.
In a statement issued on their Facebook page, the gym said, "Please be aware that using any kind of camera devices including phones are strictly forbidden in the facilities. This is to protect the privacy of all individuals who use our facilities. If you experience any issue in the gym in relation to this, please alert a member of staff."
Be careful, as DCU’s sports complex also said that the use of your mobile could lead to the ‘termination of your membership’.