We are currently in the middle of one of the most enthralling DIT student union elections ever to have existed. Everyone is on the edge of their seats to see if the new SU president will be Fiachra Duffy or… Fiachra Duffy.

Every year there are elections and every year, no one cares. Here are some of the highlights of the campaigning/ election season in DIT.

1. Those who are in the running for a position try to lure you in with an otherwise untempting prize for taking the time to vote. This year if you tick the boxes, you get free entry into an electro rock gig, with names you haven’t heard of and of course, an Irish band thrown in for good measure. If you don’t vote, it’ll cost you all €10. I can see the queues at the voting booths forming now.

2. The real prize is getting that little sticker that says you have voted. This is for two reasons: when the voting minions hop on you outside Java, you can simply point at your sticker proudly as if to say “not today pal”. Secondly, it’s a huge opportunity for everyone to mess with stickers for a couple of days. The real skill is trying to get your hands on one of these stickers without actually having voted.

3. Seeing one of the campaigners pop up on your news feed, asking to have a look at their campaign video. It's at this point you wrack your brain to figure out when you became friends with them in the first place.

4. Having Facebook friends, that aren’t your actual friends inviting you to follow so and so’s campaign because they may get into some gig or club for free at some stage. Hint: You can normally spot these “friends” because they’re part of the Ents crew.

5. That sweet moment, when you’re in a politics class and your fabulously dressed lecturer gets rudely interrupted by a bubbly, bouncy guy/gal coming in to inform the class on why they should vote for them in the elections. In the spirit of democracy, the lecturer allows it, but underneath it all, his blood is boiling because the intruder made him lose his train of thought.

6. Feeling like you’re in a battle zone trying to buy a cup of coffee or a sandwich. Warzone: Java City- Aungier Street. The Enemy: those people with the coloured t-shirts who kidnap you and ask if you have the time to vote. “Well if you have time to buy a coffee, you have two seconds to vote,” they explain. This week, I suggest heading to the SU for the crappy coffee; it’s much less stressful.

7. Similar to local or national elections, when you’re presented with your polling card there is the probability that you haven’t a clue who’s face is on the card, never mind who you should vote for. It’s at this time that you use your judgement to either pick the nicest looking person. You might also choose to colour in a tooth of someone and pick them out of guilt for defacing them.

8. That cheeky moment when, even though there’s only one person on the ballot, you tick the empty box that says something like “revote”.

9. After a long, hard week of dodging the polling stations, you’ll eventually hear that Fiachra Duffy beat Fiachra Duffy in a tight race for the presidency. After that, you’re not sure who won what and let’s face it, you’re not sure what they actually do anyway.

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