All students to be registered as DCU students by 2016
St. Patrick’s College, Mater Dei and Church of Ireland College of Education are set to merge with Dublin City University (DCU) in the coming academic year in the first iteration of DCU Incorporation. 
All incoming first year undergraduate and postgraduate research students will register as DCU students as of September 2015.   
From September 2016, all incoming and existing students of the three institutions will be registered as DCU students, while the four colleges will come together to form one legal entity. 
The move follows on from recommendations made by the Review on Structures for Initial Teacher Education to then Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn, which stated that institutions with limited resources needed to merge if teaching standards in schools are to improve.
It also falls in line with a report made by the Higher Education Authority, which is seeking to cut the number of educational institutions in Ireland from 39 to as little as 15 by 2030.  
DCU grounds will be the main campus for the proposed Incorporation, with an extended educational faculty in St Patricks College, as students of the four institutions will divide their time between the two sites.
The merger will mean that students of the incoming educational institutions will have access to a wider range of facilities on DCU campus including DCU sports grounds and campus accommodation. A large range of education courses pertaining to childhood all the way up to PHD level will also be on offer under the DCU banner.   
One overarching Student Union will also be put in place in spring of next year, with the current SU format remaining unchanged until then.
Representatives from each Student Union have formed the Merger Consultancy Group, who will recommend changes to the current DCUSU constitution. 
DCU is the youngest of the four institutions, having been founded in 1975, with its counterparts ranging from 49 to 204 years old.