A new stage show is set to be written based on infamous Dublin nightclub Copper Face Jacks. “Copper Face Jacks: The Opera” will be a musical comedy, consisting of a mixture of both puppets and live actors.

The show will be written by Paul Howard, author of the popular Ross O’Carroll-Kelly columns and best-selling book series. The producers of the hugely successful, puppet-based Anglo: The Musical will also be involved.

Producer Darren Smith has described the musical as a fresh take on West Side Story, except with a “culchie versus Dubs” theme. Speaking to Newstalk this morning, Ken Sweeney, showbiz editor for The Irish Sun, said that the musical would be set “on the eve of an All-Ireland final”, with “Dubs and rural country supporters” coming face to face in the club after the match.

Smith has called the production “an affectionate roast of a place that has become an iconic melting pot of all the various tribes in Irish life”. Coppers has long been known as a hotspot for nurses, “culchies”, and Gardaí, and is one of Ireland’s most well-known and popular nightclubs.

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