The scramble for college places continues.

The anxious wait for many students ended this morning as the CAO released its initial offers, but for some the scramble for college places has only just begun.  

Candidates can retrieve their offers from the CAO website from 6 this morning, while written confirmation should also arrive by post.

If you are having trouble retrieving your offer, do not panic the site may become congested as tens of thousands of applicants log on.

You may have received single or multiple offers, unfortunately some students will not receive any offer at all.

If you have received a single offer, you must accept the offer before 5.15pm next Monday. Failure to do so will result in your place being passed on to the next candidate in the second round of offers.

Thousands of you will have received multiple offer this morning, while it may seem obvious to choose a level 8 course over a level 7, many programmes offer the chance to advance to a higher level if you achieve a 2:1 average at the end of second year.

You should certainly consider opting for the lower level course, as there is no point studying a level 8 degree if you have little or no interest in the area.

Even if you have not received an offer today - either because you did not get the points or you did not choose course with more moderate points as a contingency measure -  you may still receive an offer when the CAO releases its second round of offers next week.

You can also check out the vacant places on the CAO website, there is a wide array of courses with spaces available.   

This year saw an increase in demand for places in business, agriculture and science programmes. Science points have risen steadily in recent years, with applicants almost doubling since 2008.

Members of the class of 2013 wishing to study science at either UCD or Trinity, will require 505 and 510 points respectively.

The CAO has made professional guidance councilors available to students, they can be reached at 1850-265-165.