A quick breakdown of a confusing day.

Lads, you're almost there. Soon enough you'll be waving goodbye to LC and school talk, and be struggling to find a seat in a lecture of 300 people. You're almost at college. just hold in there that little bit more. 

Of course, to get to college you need to accept a course offer. Today the CAO first-round offers are out, which can be a confusing and overwhelming day. You may not get what you thought you would or what you wanted, and you might be stumped as to what to do next. That's totally natural, everyone feels like that.

And this year more so than anything. The new LC grading system has caused the points to go up and down all across the board. So, what's changed?

According to the Irish Times, points have dropped for almsot all courses - hallelujah! The new system is good for something, reducing the points a little bit to make it a little bit easier and realistic to get into college. In some course cases, this can also be linked to a drop in applicants, like in nursing, teaching and engineering. 

But, there are also increases in courses, like in construction, architecture, law and business, as well as some of the highest-point courses such as medicine and dentistry. 

High points doesn't always necessary mean most popular choice though, with Art remaining the top choice for students in the country.

What's really good about this new system is, according to the Irish Times, the number of students who didn't get an offer because of random selection has been halved. That was always a bitter pill to swallow about the Leaving Cert, you may get your points and be well within the range of your course, but you're still not automatially guaranteed a spot. 

So, all in all, it seems the new grading system has done us some benefit. Though the change in points may not be hugely dramatic, the points still decreased. And if it happened in the first year, who's to say what way it will go in years to come?

You can look at all CAO points here. 

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