It's that time of year again; people are snuggled up in blankets, it's fair nippy outside, the fire's lit, the tree is up and nobody can wait to see what's coming.


That's right, the Budget is here! The time of year when all those busy people that we love decide to give us the presents we've all been looking forward to; more taxes and less benefits.

And sure we all know how it goes. They put on their little green coats, hammer some nails, glue some stuff together, and hope for the best. Don't we all love it? The care, love and attention that the political elves put into their work is just exceptional; all the cuts to the dole, the tax rises, and rise in price of our lovely, lovely ale.

The older generations are being forced to shop around as their telephone allowances get cut, less time for poor old Santy to talk to Missus Clause when on his annual trip, and child benefit will be cut by €10; no more carrots for Rudolph then, and poor old Santy mightn't be able to eat his usual cookie at the chimney, poor old man.

But, sure, isn't it lovely that those generous bankers are taking less of a pension, those gracious little souls? And Mary with the big house? Over a million it's worth, God bless her. Sure isn't she going to be giving out that little bit extra, since she got that extension? Lord have mercy.

And the wine? Sure that's an extra euro. Jaysus, I was planning on two or three glasses of red over the turkey, but sure I might only have the one now. Might have to quit the cigarettes as well, extra 10 cent, God love us. Might consider switching over to some of that 'roll your own tobacco'. What? An extra 50 cent? Are ya taking the mickey Josephine? God Almighty.