Amy Dignam is a 23 year old student currently preparing for her final year exams for secondary school teaching, who somehow found the time to set up an online movement focusing on an issue that is very close to her heart.
The Anti Bullying Movement was created in the hope to raise awareness and promote various ways to prevent bullying across schools, colleges, workplaces and online platforms. The movement  features accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it uploads daily inspirational quotes and personal stories.
Amy explains that the creation of the movement stemmed from her own personal experiences of being bullied in secondary school.
"I have overcame bullying myself in secondary school, like I'm sure thousands of other women and men have. Thankfully I overcame it because of the wonderful support I had around me."  
While Amy had an excellent support system, she realised that others may, "not been so lucky." Through her own personal journey and this realisation, Amy decided to create a safe and inclusive place for people to talk about their own experiences.
"I would of liked to have known about people I could have talked to as an alternative to my own family, because sometimes you need an outsider to listen to you because you feel like a burden. Even though my family have never made me feel that way, I always just felt everyone had their own problems and it was unfair to offload mine,” she explains.
"In response to my own journey and to understand what others may be experiencing this very second all across the country, I established the Anti Bullying Movement in Ireland. These pages include inspiring  images, video clips and information and links about who people can talk to or turn to during their own personal battles," she added.
While the movement mainly focuses on bullying, Amy also greatly promotes content focusing on mental health and gender equality and sources all content for the pages herself. Having only created the movement less than a month ago, the pages have already received thousands of views and likes. Amy reveals that the support for the campaign has been 'outstanding' so far.
"The support has just been amazing. There is a list of companies and groups who are supporting the page now including Voices for Teachers and DCA Warriors and I'm just hoping that people keep getting behind it."
While she hopes that the movement continues to gain momentum, Amy's one goal is to provide a platform for people who may feel that they do not have a voice.
"In Ireland, we are the fifth highest in the European Union for suicide between the ages of 15-24. Figures from the Central Statistics Office reveal more than 70 teenagers under 17 took their own lives between 2006 and 2012. This is why it is so important to stand up, speak up and let your voice be heard," she explained. 
"I just want people to realise that bullying is never their fault, they just have to keep talking."
For more information about the Anti Bullying Movement click here for their Facebook page, or why not tweet them at @ AntiBullyingIre.