Danielle tells us what she'll miss the most when the city is no longer her campus.

The first group of DIT students are expected to be herded into Grangegorman by the end of 2014, with the rest following suit by the end of 2017. There has always been a bit of a snigger when DIT's location is mentioned. With over 30 buildings across Dublin being home to and facilitating the institute and its students, it has sometimes found itself at the tail end of plenty of jokes.

“The city is our campus” is a line often used to describe our location and also used by those in other universities and institutes to mock us – having said that, there'll be many things that we'll miss when we move out and settle down in our new northside location.

Here are some of the things that will be missed when the city isn't our campus anymore:

1. Depending on where you are, you're right on the doorstep of Dublin's nightlife. A long day in college is quickly cured by a pint in whatever pub you like or a meal in whatever type of restaurant you like. Variety is key and sometimes the student bar can get tiresome.

2. For those of us living in the Dublin suburbs, it's great having friends from the country who need to live in the city centre for college. Instead of spending a small fortune on taxis home, you can hit your friend's apartment floor and spend a lot less on the bus in the morning.

3. There's nothing better than, on a great spring/summer day, heading to Stephen's Green and getting a scoop of Gino's icecream with classmates. Add the Phoenix Park, the Iveagh Gardens and any others you can think of to that list, and you have a great escape from the city smother.

4. Transport mightn't be the greatest in the capital, but at least you can find a route to anywhere in Dublin from a bus stop or Luas station in the city centre. Granted, it may take you an age to get there, but from Bray to Howth you can find your way home.

5. You're always near a shop. Whether it's a last minute birthday present, buying a pair of tights after forgetting yours for the night out ahead, or you're just craving a packet of crisps, a shop is near and it's probably open late.

6. Depending on whatever course you're doing Dublin city can help you in your degree. Big institutions with specialists for informations, picturesque views for art projects and libraries and galleries are all at your doorstep.

7. Having lots of small campuses can be a pain. There is a feeling of white-hot hatred when you see that the book you need is in Aungier St. Library, when you're sitting in Mountjoy Square. However, you run a much lower risk of getting lost and if you do it's only for the first couple of weeks. Your campus is specifically designed to accommodate you and your subject. For the most part you don't have to go wandering for things you need. Many UCD students are still scared and at risk of getting lost in the maze that is their campus.

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