All students need to remember this ahead of tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a big day for many students around Ireland. After weeks of waiting and years of work, the Leaving Cert results are being released from 9am tomorrow morning. 

It wasn't too long ago that I was in the same position, and I can remember exactly how I was feeling, so I have sympathy for those in a similar position. The education system in Irelad definitely has its faults, and the way we treat the Leaving Cert is definitely a part of that. 

When you're in school and working towards those two weeks of exams, you naturally focus on that as the end goal. The Leaving Cert is the be all and end all.

Or so you think. It's only when you step away from the Leaving Cert bubble, as I like to call it, that you see how small it really matters. Ahead of tomorrow's results, I want to remind the young, nervous students of Ireland tomorrow of a few things:

1. The Leaving Cert is not everything

It's not, I promise. Although it may seem like it's everything that matters, it really isn't. Once you get to college, or even two weeks after all the offers and results are out, no one asks about your results. No one. Once you get through this two or three weeks, you will never have to talk about your Points again. 

2. You might not be happy with your results

I'm not going to pretend that tomorrow is going to go swimmingly. You've done all you can and all that's left to do is deal with what's inside that brown envelope. You might be delighted, and you might be devastated. Both are totally natural feelings, once you deal with them accordingly. Don't let the day be hazed by disappointment; put things into perspective. 

3. Don't forget to celebrate

Maybe the last thing you want to do is get dressed up and head out with ountless other students who are ready and willing to talk about their results to no end. So maybe a club night isn't for you, but you should 100% do something to mark the occasion. You need to celebrate the fact that you got through the two years of LC, and you made it through to the other side. That's enough cause for celebration.

4. There are people to help

If you're confused about what your grades mean, or not sure how the Options work, there are people out there to help you. There is an Irish Times helpdesk on Wednesday and Thursday. There is also the National Parent's Council helpline, who are waiting to answer your questions.

5. Your happiness is all that matters

Do not, even for a second, compare your results to someone else's. What's the point? People are going to get different results, but all that's matters is you, and what you want. Your happiness is paramount tomorrow, so don't get bogged down by focusing on other people's results. 

6. Don't look back

Not necessarily in anger, but thinking about all that you could have done or should have done will only make you feel worse. The study and the work you put in for your exams is done. Don't go rehashing the answers you put down, or what questions did or didn't come up. What's done is done. Look forward to opening your results, and going from there.