Cork’s anime and science-fiction convention, Kaizoku-Con, is back for a third year running. Organised by members of the UCC Science-Fiction Society, it will be held on the University College Cork campus from March 4th to March 6th.
As Cork’s largest convention for Japanese animation, manga and culture, Kaizoku-Con will host a packed trade hall full of a diverse range of art and merchandise, alongside an area for video games and board games courtesy of UCC Netsoc and UCC WARPS. 
The weekend event will also host a selection of panels with contributions from UCC’s Korean, Japanese and Mythology Societies, guest signings, cosplay events, screenings of popular animated series and a pub quiz.
Panel discussions will focus on a range of topics including an in-depth look at the appeal of the princess character in the media, alongside finding out what the life of a K-Pop star is really like.
This year also sees the introduction of an array of new events including; Hebocon Ireland, a robot-fighting competition; Cosplay Light Painting and a Puppy Party, in collaboration with Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline.
Special guests in attendance this year include voice actors Cherami Leigh (the voice of Asuna in Sword Art Online, Lucy in Fairy Tail and Gaige in Borderlands 2), Matthew Mercer (the voice of Levi in Attack on Titan, Trafalgar Law in One Piece and Dungeon Master for Critical Role) and Marisha Ray (the voice of Margaret from the Persona games and Critical Role’s half-elf druid Keyleth). 
In addition, having thoroughly enjoyed his previous appearance, award-winning performance artist Riuchi is returning to Boole 4 at 8pm on Saturday, March 5th. 
Speaking about the event, Riuchi emphasised that it meant a lot to him to be able to, "show my performance to people that share the same passion". 
Each of the guests will be presenting panels of their own design, signing merchandise and meeting with attendees during the course of the convention.
On Saturday evening there will also be a charity auction with proceeds raised going to the LauraLynn House Children’s Hospice in West Cork which provides palliative care and support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families throughout Ireland.
Over the last two years, Kaizoku-Con has welcomed over 1,600 attendees, 4 special guests, around 40 artists & traders, over 60 volunteers, around 50 panelists and has helped raise just under €6,000 for charity.
Tickets for the event are available at the door all weekend for the following prices:
€25 for a weekend pass
€15 for a day pass
Those who purchase a weekend pass or Saturday pass are eligible to attend Riuchi’s light show, however those interested in attending his performance alone, and not the convention itself, can pre-book tickets online for only €5 per person.
For more information about the event and its opening times, just click here