For Jack McCann, becoming involved with the Arts Society committee has been a great way of staying in the know for the best events in college, gaining invaluable skills, meeting loads of new people and challenging yourself. He tells us why this year, you should think about doing the same...

Being the first to know about events

Like the majority of first years when they enter the college system, they join every society under the sun, yet, come the May and the end of the year they may have only gone to a handful of events if even that many.  I know when I was in first year, the first event I actually went to, a few months into the year, was an event of a society that I wasn’t even a member of. However, now that I am a committee member, I have a direct hand in creating the events that I never went to last year. Now, I am at the events as I have help run them. I not only get more involved but also learn more about myself and what I can do and can’t do.

New friends

Becoming a member of any society, where I knew of the people, but didn’t know them was always going to be difficult, no matter who you are. However, a few months later I am fairly confident that I can count my fellow committee members as good friends. I am also fairly certain I haven’t scared them too much with my bossiness (yet…). The position I got, as one of two Entertainment Officers, required me to get acquainted with my fellow officer quickly or else it wouldn’t work out.

Gaining skills

Before joining the committee and having to help run a few events already I don’t think I could have organised a piss up in a brewery to be honest. I now have learned how to make a quiz (10 rounds) and make sure the answers are right, coordinate the event on the night, persuading friends to help with the corrections and coordinate with fellow committee members for the event to be as successful as it was. It’s not a new skill, or a skill at all really, but being handed the responsibility to organise the quiz with my fellow ents officer was quite daunting at first and it’s only out of our comfort zone that we grow after all.

Having the craic

Just in case I wasn’t clear enough, joining a society is really fun. The rest of the people on the committee all have the same goal, to have fun as well as make the society run as best as possible. They’ll all be doing the same thing in college as you (obviously…) so you straight away have something that to talk about. Generally there are experienced committee members, been there once and seen it all, they’re great craic as they have so many stories of funny stuff that has happened while they have been part of the Society.

So no matter what college you’re in, joining a society, whether it be one of the big ones or some obscure hobby, it will make college life even more better and more enjoyable than it already is.