Róisín Cullen lets you in on what really happens when you start college.
It is finally the day, D-Day. The day you thought would never happen, the day you dreamed of when exam papers threatened to push you over the edge. The day you finally start college.
The Leaving Cert is finally a thing of the past. Wave goodbye to the Binomial Theorem. Say so long to Simultaneous equations. Block Hamlet the Dane on Facebook forever. Look up to the stars and thank Caitlín Maude that you are moving towards a better chapter in your life, a chapter full of pot noodles, dodgy showers, late nights and Lucozade.
Moving to college can be bewildering in a time of uncertainty. Many questions might be floating through your mind. How do buses work? How do I boil water? Will Trump bomb North Korea? Is the X-Factor outdated? Why was Dan Humphrey Gossip Girl?
But before you pack your life into a football gear bag, there are a few things you need to do:
1. Leave a framed portrait of yourself in your dog's kennel.
2. Enjoy a highly nutritious Last Supper from your local Apache
3. Do a final lap of your town/village while humming "The Town I Loved so Well" as loudly as possible
4. Light a few candles in your nearest place of worship and pray to God/Buddha/Superman that you will come home alive and well with a fully functioning liver.
The first day is always the most frightening. You could be late. You could be alone. You could be hit by a Luas on your way to lectures and miss the next season of "Game of Thrones". Remember everybody is in the same boat. Sit down and talk to people, go for that overpriced coffee/ cool pint of Orchard Thieves. Join a society even if it's just for the free pizza. GET INVOLVED. Soon the days will seem shorter. The never-ending lecture halls will shrink in size when you see those few familiar faces. Shortly your life will seem less like "The Hunger Games" and more like an episode of "Friends".
Your parents will miss you nearly as much as you will miss your dog. This in itself offers oodles of opportunities. Make the most of this special time. "Mam can I have a lift to Azerbaijan?" "Dad I need money for my Reading week trip to Romania."
Best of luck in the next few weeks. Go to your lectures, ace your assignments, find the cheapest jagerbombs in town and if all else fails "Just Keep Swimming!"