UCCSU Societies Officer David O'Leary talks about the importance of joining a society during college.
Freshers nationwide are making their way, nervously, to their first lectures and tutorials, unsure of what to expect. Starting college can be a daunting time, as those who have been through it can attest to. But luckily, there are people to help you. Every college has their own Student's Union, ready to help students with whatever they need. We spoke to Sociteies Officer in UCC, David O'Leary, about the importance of joining a society in college:
First of all, congratulations on getting into college! All the hard work and effort has been definitely worth it and you are about to undertake a journey which may feel exciting, daunting to down right terrifying. Everyone experiences a number of different feelings when they leave the sanctuary of secondary school where you know the names of most people and, at the very least, your teachers knew your name.
Lectures in 3rd level can range from anywhere between 20 and 400 people in your class. which brings a whole new dimension in getting to know people. One of the best ways to get to know people is by joining a society which are student run and normally free to join and open to all students regardless of the course your doing. Societies enable you to seek out unusual skills, continue hobbies of old, rekindle a past passion, make new friends, run for a position on a committee and of course make loads of new friends.
Getting involved in societies makes a real impact during your time in college and it can give you the opportunity to travel and represent the University at a national and international level. In my many conversations with society alumni, a common theme mentioned has been the sense of community and belonging that one feels through their involvement with societies - the people that one meets, the opportunities available and the many thing you will learn outside of the lecture halls.
There are various statistics out there that approximately 15% of people have met their husband/wife/soul-mate in in College and even if you haven't, I can assure you that fun will be had, life skills learnt along the way and true friends will be made with memories etched forever. So “put the phone down” talk to the person in front, to the side, behind you- they are probably just as nervous as you are it will be the best decision you ever make.
Yours in Societies,
David O Leary
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