Anna Cullen explains that although college exams are sometimes difficult, they're not a patch on the Leaving Cert...

Some say school days are the best days of your life. Whoever said that couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Leaving Cert is the worst year you will experience. My advice to anyone doing it now? Stick it out – college is wonderful. Yes, college exams are hard but they are nothing in comparison to the Leaving Cert.

You get to focus in on the subject YOU picked, the subject you enjoy. You may have more than one exam to sit in college and the grading system may be tough, but it’s better than sitting exams you have absolutely no interest in.

The Leaving Cert is quite possibly the most boring set of exams you will sit in your lifetime. It is pointless and does not reflect how smart you really are.

When you go to college your Leaving Cert results are forgotten about. It’s all about how you succeed in the course you are doing. Bare in mind this is the course you picked and have a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for.

You have the chance to study what you love and potentially have a successful career when you leave. The Leaving Cert deflates you, it makes you lazy, unenthusiastic, sad and most of all, exhausted.

You are forced to learn things you will never use again. You get in trouble for being awful at a subject, when it simply does not come naturally to you. For example, Maths.

25 extra points for people who do Honours Maths. If that isn’t unfair then what is? Some people are naturally great at Maths, others are appalling. If you fail Maths, you fail the whole Leaving Certificate. The joys.

History does not teach you how numerous people fought for freedom or Independence for Ireland; it focuses on learning essays by the dozen, making students hate the subject.

English does not help the students who want to be Journalists some day. It involves learning off answers for poetry and comparing different novels. Journalists write news stories and feature pieces; they research their own information and think up of their own colour pieces, so why are students not taught this in the Leaving Cert?

Getting a silly sheet of paper with results on it does not determine how smart you are. Someone may be an excellent artist while another may be the next Einstein. Students should be allowed pick a subject to focus on-like college- and have exams based on that subject.

Yes, college is tough and the failure rates and drop-out rates are high. But believe me; college exams are definitely better than the Leaving Cert. You choose to sit the exams you are sitting, whether it interests you or not. The Leaving Cert is something you are forced into in order to move forward with your life. Get past that hurdle, and you’re free forever.