From student discounts to cheap-list options and phone deals, we give you our top tips to help you save money. Before you know it, you'll be splashing that cash.
As a student it can be pretty hard to save money, right? I mean, between bills, food shopping, pre drinks and nights out, it can all be a lot to juggle. But here’s where you can save a bit of cash, check out how much you’re spending on your phone and find out what you’re getting.
With 48, we may just have a little more cash to splash, because they are offering some amazing €10 & €20 monthly deals for students on the go.
We here at Campus have put together a list of other ways you can save a little extra dosh. 
Stock Up On Dried Foods
Buy a bag of cheap pasta for just 49c, and it’ll last you a week. It’s so versatile you can make bolognese, chicken pasta, or even just throw in a stir in sauce. You may be sick of pasta by the end of the week, but at least you can afford to go out tonight!
Cheaplist option
Keep an eye on Facebook for event details. Deals such as free in for the first 30 people, or a guestlist option can save you a few quid. A few quid that can be put towards drink.
Student Discount 
As students, we often forget how good we have it. 10% off in certain shops? We’ll take that. But there are also loads of other discounts on things like parking, travel and even prescriptions. So don’t be afraid to ask if student discount is an option before you pay for something the next time.
Visit your family
While normally we’re sick of our parents badgering us to go and visit you great aunt who lives “just down the road” from your college, and is 100 years of age; we say drop in…at 6 o’clock in the evening at dinner time…just saying!
Switch to 48 
With 48’s offers, for just €10 or €20 per month, you could talk the hind legs off a donkey, text to your hearts content and waste plenty of time online with loads of internet.  So at 4 o’clock in the morning when you need to call your best friend from McDonald’s and tell her about your night out; 48 has you covered. 
Why not see their deals for yourself?