Has director Oliver Megaton taken it a bit too far with this one? It would appear so. As much as we love Liam Neeson’s husky voice and badass attitude, there are only so many cheesy cues and repetitive lines that one can tolerate.

The setting is Istanbul and as you can imagine there are a few Albanians that want to seek revenge for their sons who had felt the wrath of Bryan (Liam Neeson). So, this time it’s Bryan and his wife who get taken. The kidnappers were also nice enough to let Bryan make a call to his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace), and notify her that they’ve been taken.

Whilst in the torture room the kidnappers leave him alone. Fatal mistake. With a mini phone hidden in his sock, Bryan, makes another call to Kim giving her instructions of how to find them.

So, how does she save him? Well, she runs around the rooftops of the built up city throwing grenades. Seriously. The logic behind it was that Bryan would be able to hear the blasts and from that, direct Kim to him.  While all that is going on Bryan, is once again left alone with cable ties and a sharp edge. So it’s inevitable that he’ll escape.  These happenings go on, and on, and on, and on, for quite some time. A bit like Bryan’s repetitive dialogue where he says “ I need you to listen to me very carefully” and “Keep driving” about 100 times.

This is not to say that the acting was appalling, because it wasn’t. Liam Neeson acted fantastically. He had the same crackly voice, the same laid-back; don’t want to seem to give a damn attitude. He just had the worst script to work with. Poor Guy. In comparison, Maggie Grace’s acting actually improved in this film. She wasn’t as spoilt and whiny as she was in ‘Taken’. That’s a relief.

So, is it worth a watch? Well, even though this film fancies itself an action movie it’s actually a comedy, so you will have a good old snicker and giggle.  Although, on the down side, there is virtually no plot and the film feels like it’s only been on for about an hour even though it’s rather long. It doesn’t live up to its predecessor by any means but, thankfully, Liam Neeson has promised not to star in a Taken 3. As if  “Taken 2 “ wasn’t already outlandish enough. But, you’ll have to see for yourself if he finds them and kills them...once again.