Méabh Riordan takes us through some of the glorious stationary products on offer this year.
Most of us are reaching the 3 week mark since the return to reality and organisation – semester 1 has begun! For those commencing with us whose eyes have only newly been opened to optional attendance, independent learning and Copper’s Tuesdays the most important piece of advice I can give to you here today is this: own a planner!
Throughout the college year you will undoubtedly be swept up by the whirlwind of student life. From lectures during the week accompanied by tutorials and ponderous assignments, to those seven societies you pledged your membership to at ‘Clubs & Socs’; I’m no Mystic Meg but I can surmise that one won’t be at each of their AGMs this coming week. With the addition of workshops and information nights held by the SU and nights running into mornings spent at the Student Bar or Hub it can seem chaotic looking in - It’s been three years and still my mother cannot fathom my endurance. However, organised chaos is achievable. Equipping myself with the tools, literally, to write it all down and plan the week is my small step to beginning.

1. Daily Planners:

The aim of the game is to use your time as effectively as possible. Meet the deadlines, attend the right lecture, at the right time, in the right room and go on the night out carefree knowing you’ve left no page unturned – literally.
Daily planners can be found all over the net. OhhDeer, Paperchase and Asos are where I came across some of the quirkiest ones. OhhDeer.com has a fantastic selection of whimsical, creative planners including: A coral coloured Moroccan tile design cover complimented by an aquamarine ribbon marker, a sepia tinted jungle landscape, cute animations of alpacas and sloths and the very in vogue marble effect planners come in black and white, pinks and multicolours. Prices start at £10 and fear not, OhhDeer ship worldwide.
Similarly to OhhDeer, Paperchase stock contemporary design planners with rich colours, peacock feathers, ones covered in bombs of glitter, pink holographic covers, some even with handstitched covers! For those who prefer a classic look,Moleskine are also part of their collection. Their 12 month day to day planner comes in red or black with a soft touch cover costing €22-30.
If minimalist planners convey your sense of style, then avoid Asos. One of my favourite finds was their textured metallic covered light up diary. If that doesn’t scream statement I don’t know does! I also came across a black Moleskine 12 month planner which incorporates a pointillism design on the cover; one to keep your mind from venturing into a galaxy far far away… I didn’t think €33.76 was extortionate for a dual branded planner like this given the undisputed quality of other Moleskine products.
Ban.Do, ‘designed in sunny Los Angles’, are another brand renowned for their style of planner and a personal favourite of mine which is currently in use. The agenda is bursting with colour, creativity and fun! I love the agenda for both its month and week views, colour coded month tabs, introduction to each month using motivational or humorous phrasing illustrated by a range of female artists and most importantly the strategically placed compliments throughout. - ‘You are gold baby. Solid Gold.’ Damn Straight!

2. Notebooks:

Some students find the constraints of daily planners overbearing and prefer a blank space to jot down to-do lists or to freely throw down ideas and fleeting realisations on a page. Once again there is an abundance of notebooks online and in shops today but if you’re looking for more than a Puka Pad then keep reading.
Avoca, alongside their eclectic book range, sell Peter Pauper Press journals and notebooks. My own is decorated with sophisticated and suave looking dogs and encourages me to ‘fill these pages with wise and witty wonderings’.
Scouring Asos once again I found my shopping basket brimming. My top three mentions are: The Ladybird style cover for all us princesses in need of some beauty sleep, Luckies 100% waterproof notebook for the unfortunate who always manages to spill and finally for those who be hustlin’; there is a notebook which can be transformed into a sort of planner and acts as a reminder of your daily successes, which could one day culminate in the ownership of the extravagantly priced Hugo Boss notebook and ballpoint pen for a mere €101.35.

3. Putting Pen to Paper:

Everyone needs a pen. Whether it’s to sign the attendance sheet, take notes in a lecture or fill in that indispensable planner you now own. Get rid of the half chewed Bic biro stuffed in your jacket pocket. Believe me I know what it feels like to reach into that brand new jacket pocket to discover it and your headphones destroyed.
Buzzfeed have a multitude of stationery related posts for the stationery lover.  A set of six pink pencils is available on Etsy for around €9 each with a unique quote from the much loved movie, Mean Girls. OhhDeer have created a set of pencils to say what you feel you can’t. Their sassy, blunt honesty remind you when to take that much needed coffee break!
OhhDeer continue to keep your writing classy with this gorgeous rose gold tipped, blue marble style pen. It won’t break the bank at £6 and looks much better in the hand rather than that chewed, on the verge of exploding Bic that’s been hanging around.
Another chic find was this Kate Spade pencil pouch. What’s a pencil pouch one might ask? It’s a pencil case with notions! For $30 your purchase includes the ‘pouch’, 2 pencils, ruler, sharpener and rubber all tipped with the Kate Spade signature touch – gold tipped, classic and some polka.
Pencils aside, KateSpade.com surprisingly offer a wide selection of work/college accessories embellished with warm touches of gold and rich vibrant colouring. Each item is tipped with gold plates and on them appropriate directions for use, just in case we forget. ‘Keep it together’ with your KS stapler or ‘Sort it out’ with a file organiser. The brand also designs planners and for only €20 you can snag this gorgeously retro styled planner.
To avoid stationery overload I’ll stop here but I highly recommend checking out the websites mentioned throughout this article, Etsy.ie, Amazon and Happy Jackson for more unique and fun accessories. You’ve got the staples above; now all you need is that expensive Kate Spade stapler to match.