Our newest contributor Michaela Keating gives us a run down of the signs that social media might be creeping into the realms of having too much control of your life.

We are all partial to the odd Facebook creep or Instagram indulgence. However, if you can relate to the majority of these it may be time to take a long look in the mirror, minus the iphone for a classic mirror selfie of course...

1. The second you disarm you alarm in the morning, you’re scanning your newsfeed to see if you somehow missed Kim and Kanye’s wedding in the last eight hours.

2. You’re having strawberries on your Weetabix instead of bananas. This is quiet a milestone and deserves a good aul tweet.

3. The girl in Starbucks dotted the “i” in your name with a love heart. That was cute. Time to whip out your phone for a picture to instagram, to spread the cuteness.

4. Your best friend is getting married and it’s your responsibility to make sure the craic will be had by all. Of course there will be the flashing pink ‘L’ plates and the penis shaped straws, but you’re looking for something a little different to avoid a vengeful ugly bridesmaid dress scenario. Pinterest, home of all the wacky new penis related ideas I could ever need.

5. You got a new bikini for Marbella in July and you’re pretty excited about it. Inevitably, you then put up a status stating that you bought a new bikini, and that you’re also excited about it.

6. You already re-tweeted and favourited Ellen’s Oscar selfie , but you love it so much you wish you could do it all over again.

7. You know the sequence of your best friends profile pictures without actually going through them.  You also know the sequence of you worst enemy’s profile pictures without going through them...

8. You follow so many people on instagram that the things you actually want to see are hidden amongst a series of vegan dishes you have no intention of trying and a string of wedding dress shots that remind you how single you are.

9. You  know who has broken up, gotten together, moved house or left the country from endless amounts of ‘creeping’ on status’, pictures, tweets and hastags.

10.  The girls are going out for drinks but you decide that the night would be much better spent in with your six hundred and seventy five Facebook friends.