With Valentine’s Day looming, Campus took to the streets of our great nation’s capital to ask some students an age old question - Whether or not students should be in a relationship or single during their college years.
*This article comes with a warning that the writer has an innate fear of relationships.*
Before giving you some of the finer answers, I should probably give you my opinion on the whole matter. I am of the, more popular opinion, that your college years should be fun and exciting. A chance to find yourself. Meet lots of great new people and explore new things.
I’m not saying that you can’t do these things when you are in a relationship, but if my “wifed” friends are anything to go by, you are probably spending your days in the library with your missus, or catering to her every wish.

Here are a few other interesting opinions on the matter:
“You have to be single for your college years. *Blesses himself repeatedly*. There will be plenty of time afterwards to settle down. For the most part, women just wreck your head, so yeah definitely single for the next four years.”  
Kieran Dunne, 19, DCU.
“I have to be tied down. You need women to keep you on the straight and narrow. A relationship is the only way to be. A woman will keep you out of trouble.”
Paddy Gillespie, 19, DCU.
“It’s going to sound stupid, you should be single for the few years, but I do have a boyfriend. I don’t think it really matters. If you like someone enough then you should just be with them.”
Lynn Terry, 21, DIT.
“It’s a bad move. Women are just a pain in the neck. One thing we all learned from school was women are just full of drama. It’s a rookie mistake to get pulled into a relationship in college.”
Liam Dunne, 20, DIT.
“It’s tough. I’m in a relationship but I’d say single. If you’re in a relationship whilst in college you don’t get the thrill of being single and going out with the target to pull. College is all about having that experience as well. If you are going out and the missus isn’t, you’re in for some drama.”
Christian McCarthy, 19, Waterford IT.
“It depends on the person really. If you want to go out getting with people and have zero responsibilities, then being single for your college years is for you. I wouldn't say it's better to be either. I don't want to be biased because I'm in a relationship and say it's better to be in a relationship. If you're with the right person it really shouldn't matter whether you are or aren't.”
Nicole Drohan, 19, Waterford IT.
“It’s way better to be single. College is all about trying new things meeting new people. Being single makes you free and gives you the chance to experience new and exciting things, as well as having loads of sex.”
Sallyann Power, 22, UCD.
Photo: Jake Stimpson/ Flickr