Have a knack for downing drinks? Think you not-so-secretly look like Ryan Gosling? You've probably done it all in front of hundreds of people, but beware of jumping on the wrong social media bandwagon, writes Dairne Black...

Social media has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. The power of it, is greater than anything I have ever seen. Never underestimate the power of a good social media campaign, and the power that it has to do great damage or simply do greatness.

The past year has seen a number of social media campaigns and threads. Some have proved truly worthy, while others, dumb, immature and wreckless. Countless amounts of money have been raised for charity, and a few lives lost. This all happened through the power, of social media.

I’ll begin with this utter nonsense of ‘Neknomination’, the aim, to drink some alcohol in one sitting and then, nominate your fellow peers to do so. When I say drink, I really mean, down the drink as fast as possible. Genius. Why didn’t someone think of this before? It started off basic, pints of Guinness and bottles of beer, and slowly escalated into weird and random concoctions of not only alcohol, but other items like ketchup and protein powder.

There was no money raised for charity, it was a silly idea that came about. Why would I want to watch people drinking alcohol when I can go to a pub or club and do it there? As with all go things, less is more, and it was only a matter of time before someone took it too far. I refuse to acknowledge that this Neknomination was a bit of fun, maybe it was, but this fun, led to deaths that could have been prevented. It was a stupid, idiotic, wreckless and thoughtless campaign, and I really question anyone who took part? Why? Why did you feel the need to down a drink on camera? I’ll never be able to understand it, despite understanding social media.

Moving on from Neknominations, there was the ‘No Makeup Selfie’, in which I took part. This campaign is one I fully endorse, and actually thought was decent. The premise was simple, ditch the makeup and tan ladies and take a photo without it. Even celebrities jumped on this particular bandwagon, with many showing us themselves ‘au-natural’. What I liked about this, aside from the fact it raised cash for cancer charities, was that it showcased how naturally beautiful women are sans make-up. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be the first to lash on a bit of the ‘slap’ when meeting up with anyone, but at the same time, seeing all these faces flood my Facebook feed, certainly made me a bit more aware of what makeup can do to us.

The latest craze to sweep social media is the ‘Icebucket Challenge’. Beginning in America, it’s one that has captured nations, and everyone who’s anyone has been taking part. Again, it’s all in aid of charity, which one, I’m not specifically sure which one though. For this particular craze, those taking part must have a bucket of ice-water poured over them. Simple, and highly amusing I must say, all in good fun. David Beckham, Georgia Salpa, Katy Perry and Daithi O’ Shea are just some of the many celebrities who have all got drenched in the name of charity. Even Lily-Mae Morrison , the little girl behind the Tiny Dancer campaign, who bravely battled cancer herself has set the bar and got covered in ice-water too. Those taking part nominate others, and like the Neknominations, they have 24 hours to complete the task.

There’s been a few other campaigns, things like ‘where you put your bra’ and another one about transforming into a celebrity, which is definitely good for a giggle. I think social media is a delicate matter, and when used right, can be truly ground breaking and changing. Things like Neknominations, I suppose, it was evident a mile off, that there was no substance to it and nothing more than a cheap 'laugh'. Even still, choose what you get involved in wisely.

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