Gerard Bissett, author of The Ultimate Survival Guide to College Success, gives his advice for achieving a stress-free college life!

Stressed over exams? Afraid of not getting the perfect grades? I was an honours student in NCI but it wasn’t always that way; I almost failed my first year and got 0% in an exam. I thought to myself that there had to be a way that I could win at college life without the stress and fear of failure. Here’s my 7 tips for exactly that.

Have a positive attitude 
The key to a stress free life and college success is positive mental health! This starts with a positive outlook and attitude towards health.

Put yourself first
Be sure to exercise regularly, eat healthily and get enough rest. I promise you this will help.

Fail to plan, plan to fail
Create a study plan during exam season and follow it like the way you follow the Kardashians on Instagram. Find a study strategy that works and study in groups to bounce ideas of each other.

Set goals
As cheesy as it sounds, follow your dreams! Have goals for everything from the grades you want to the career of your dreams. Be passionate and stay consistent.

Every day take time out for yourself to do nothing. You can mediate, breathe deep or do something you love. You should aim to have at least 10 minutes to yourself every day!

Focus on yourself
This may sound selfish but bare with me it’s important. Do not concern yourself what other people are doing or what they think of you. Focus on your own grades, health and happiness.

Work done, have fun
When you’ve got the work done remember to enjoy yourself and have fun with your friends. Life’s too short not to enjoy yourself but it’s much more guilt free when you’ve got your study out of the way.

I hope you find these tips helpful. To conclude I recommend that you feed the mind with positive things every day. Follow me on Facebook if you love a good quote! Be sure to check out my book, it’s easy to read and filled with practical advice you can apply to make college a more successful experience. Please tag your friends and share this article with them too!