Taking inspiration from collegial society enigmas from across the Atlantic such as Harvard’s Tiddlywink Society and Berkeley’s Students against Hippies in Trees, Irish universities have been just as enthusiastic about setting up unusual organisations.

It is becoming apparent that no matter what specialist interest a student in Ireland has, there is an appropriate subculture awaiting them in one of Ireland’s colleges. Somewhere in the murky corridors of UCD or crumbling walls of Trinity and in nondescript rooms across the nation, there is a group of people dedicated to strange causes and very specific interests.

Dublin City University offers its students the chance to partake in caving, something that Speleology Society of Ireland defines as; ‘the exploration of natural underground spaces.’ They warn that, ‘it is an adventure sport with inherent risks; many caves are cold or wet or muddy, or all three.’ Oh dear. If that seems about as appealing as trying to find bin bags underneath the kitchen sink, University College Cork offers membership to the unique ‘Hot Beverages Association’ (Hotbevs if you’re on nickname terms), which could well be your cup of tea.

Dublin Institute of Technology seems to have the highest number of uncommon clubs for students of any colleges in Ireland. DIT boasts of the seemingly very popular ‘Banter Soc.’, whose main objective is to expand their members’ friendship network. If you’d feel too intimidated by this, alternatively there’s the ‘DIT Reject Muzakel Society’ which seems to be based on their members possessing a ‘lack of musical ability, tone deaf singing and two left feet.’

The group offers activities like ‘useless information quiz, pole dancing, mud wrestling, murder mystery and bongo lessons.’ If that still doesn’t seem like your idea of fun, you could always consider joining the ‘Recession Soc.’ which among giving students advice on how to ‘penny pinch’, and insinuated to the Evening Herald that their main objective was to get Eddie Hobbes to appear as a guest speaker.

University College Dublin claim the nation’s only university forestry society (FORSOC), of which their website seems to consist only of moving graphics but presumably is to supplement all the concerns of a forestry student. If that sounds exTREEmely unappealing, UCD also offers membership to ‘Retrosoc’; in which members are invited to themed decade parties, and who annually kick off the year with a 70s bash.

Trinity College Dublin on the other hand, brings you the ‘Metafizz Soc’, which offers philosophy to those who wouldn’t necessarily experience it: ‘Weekly papers (aided with wine) will also be given by a student or a guest on a particular philosophical issue of their choice, which will be followed by discussion and a trip to the pub.’ 

Trinity is also home to their very own ‘Knit Soc’, the aim of which is ‘to introduce people to knitting in a supportive, relaxed and sociable environment.’ Lastly, arguably the strangest of all Trinity’s societies: Fish Soc. Supposedly based on the interest of fishing, Trinity’s Fish Soc. boasts of some of the wildest parties of any society whose members arguably have no interest in fishing whatsoever.

Here’s to finding your own society niche at Fresher’s Week 2013 which evidently might be easier than it seems.