Chloe O'Keeffe on getting the college year off to a good start.
Summer has come to a penultimate end, and now we’re back with a bang to life as we know it. College. Back to normality and routine. To staying up until all hours the night before your assignments are due, to leaving all your reading to build up, by continuously promising yourself you’ll do them ‘later’. You’ll go to the library later, or the gym, or join a club and society ‘later’. We all intend to do these things, but surely by the time we know it we’re 10 weeks in, and it’s hardly worth the time and effort now, is it? Here are my top tips in kick-starting your semester in the best possible way!

1.    Join a club/society.

This, in my opinion, is the second best way to make friends (second to your course), and I am also a firm believer it is great to make friends with students outside your course, and with a shared interest in a certain sport, or belief. Clubs and Societies are the best way to get social and active in college life. A lot meet up at least once (if not twice) a week, have social nights and can open opportunities for you!


2.    Know where the library is.

Need I explain myself further? You may not need the library on your very first day back in college, but it’s handy to know how your college library works- how many books you're allowed take out, for how long etc. Rather than needing to figure these things out when it’s nearing assignment due-dates.


3.    Invest in a planner.

I find these are the sole way to keep myself organized in college with assignments, projects as well as extra- curricular things such as my involvement in a club or society. For 1.50 in Dealz it’s definitely something to even try for awhile, and see how it goes!

4.    Know your course/ module outline books.

I find college books to be heartbreakingly expensive, so look for alternatives. Plan your reading in advance and source books/ reading material from the library and online. Of course, your going to need to buy some books, but my advice is to know 100% if you’ll get value for forking out 100 odd euro before you do so. 

5.    Plan your meals (& lunches).

The average student diet consists of high amounts of alcohol, and equally high amounts of pot noodles. Pot noodles are super cheap, I get it! But so are shops such as Aldi and Lidl, and the range of healthy, nutritious and affordable food on offer in either shop is to die for, even if you're on a student budget! Though college days can be hectic it’s so important to get something decent and substantial for your meals!

6.    Don’t rely too much on the buses.

Fairly self- explanatory, I think. The buses can be very late, and often can make you very late. Plan in advance, and you should be grand!