For many students, today is the beginning of semester two, and with that in mind, Michaela Deane has come up with a few ideas to fill up the sometimes large gaps in your timetables...

Many of you have already gone back to college, and for me returning to UL is just around the corner. As always, I’m excited to be heading back to Limerick but there’s one thing that’s really bothering me, and that’s my pesky timetable.

It’s full of irritating splits, where I’m in from 9-10 and then back at 1-2 and once again at 4-5. The chunks in between lectures are less than ideal, because I don’t feel like I can kick back and relax until all my lectures for the day are over and done with.. If you’re in a similar position, because we’ve got some solutions to this annoyance.

If you live off campus and walking or taking the bus home is more hassle than it’s worth, visit a friend’s house on campus. You can have a cup of tea and catch up on all the craic, and the break won’t feel like it’s dragging on and lasting forever. It’ll leave you in a good mood for the rest of the day and you’ll be less likely to skip the lecture if you’re close to college, as opposed at being at home in bed watching Netflix. If your friend has to go to the same lecture it’s a little easier too, because you won’t be tempted to stay behind and keep chatting.

For many of us our New Year’s Resolution was to exercise more, and although some of us have already given up on that one, it’s perfect time to start back again once you go back to college.

 Two or three hour breaks are the perfect amount of time to hit the gym, go for a walk or swim. Most colleges have fitness classes throughout the day as well, so it could be worth checking them out. (Also check out a comparative will be conducting on gyms in third level colleges, coming soon)

Social media is a big thing in the life of a teenager lately, and it’s something we all enjoy. The free time you have during lecture breaks is the perfect time to do something productive with your social media skills, like setting up a blog.

A blog gives you the opportunity to talk about all the things you enjoy, and you derive a huge sense of achievement when your follower count starts to rise. Maintaining a blog can be tough, but if you use the same time frame once a week to post, it starts to become a habit and is a lot easier to continue with.

You need to eat throughout the day to keep your energy levels up, so if you have a lecture that you don’t particularly like later on in the day, why not treat yourself to a nice meal? Most colleges and universities have price-friendly restaurants and cafes on campus, we are broke students after all.

If you eat a healthy meal you’ll be full of energy, and ready to tackle any dreary lectures during the day.

If all else fails and you’re bored out of your skull, you could always take a trip to the library.

Sure it will probably be just as boring as sitting around on campus, but at least you’ll be doing something productive that you’ll feel good about later.

And being in the library doesn’t necessarily mean you have to study. You can use your time in there to develop new interests in subjects, reading up about philosophy or psychology or whatever else you choose. You can also take advantage of the quiet atmosphere for writing, whether you’re writing articles for or just simply for the fun of it. (An even better idea would be to read all the great Campus articles that have gone up since your last lecture.)