When it comes to motivation and actually achieving everything you want in life, time is very much of the essence, writes Leanne Quinn...

We’re not getting any younger. No amount of anti-aging creams, advanced technology or futuristic time-machine are ever drastically going to reverse our course in life to mirror that of Benjamin Button’s.

But what really irks me are people who have dreams and don't do anything about them.

I am very fortunate to know some extremely talented people who dream of being wildly successful actors, musicians, songwriters, artists, authors, directors, business people, fashion designers, models etc. I know how great they could be but yet they don’t seem to be doing anything to pursue these goals. My question; what are you waiting for?

Nobody is going to hand you your dreams on a silver platter, without you having lifted a finger for them, and say you deserve everything that comes your way. I don’t care how nice someone is, how caring, thoughtful or truly exceptional any person might be; there is nobody more deserving of greatness than somebody who has worked damn hard for it.

Ironically as I write this, Mariah Carey is on the radio proclaiming “It’s a long road”. And that it is. The road to success is the one less travelled and it can take time. It involves taking risks, making sacrifices, standing on your own two feet, doing something nobody may ever have done before but also it takes a lot of self-belief.

Don’t be afraid to be completely unapologetic for chasing your dreams. You are going to cross paths with people that will say you’re a fool, that there is no point, it will never work for you. Here is where you need to believe in yourself, believe in the work that you do and the talent that you master. Soon, they will be the very people wanting to know exactly how you did it.

Don’t get me started on negativity. I can’t even begin to describe my annoyance at pessimism. I’m not even sure pessimism is a strong enough word. There are people out there who will knock just about anything you say to them down with “Life is tough, get used to it” and “That’s ridiculous, why would you even think of doing something like that” or my favourite; “be realistic”. Do you really think anybody ever became successful inventors, creators or indeed any profession by being realistic? By not dreaming? By not even trying to fulfill their potential?

The reality actually is, that we have absolutely no idea what we are capable of. And the sad thing is that some of these people that make excuses for life’s woes have never even tried.

Sometimes I think I’m alone in believing that it is a fundamental right of ours to believe in ourselves and what we can do, then I look to Oprah and am reassured that I’m not the only one. 

What is the difference between those who believe that anything is possible and those who believe that life’s plan will happen regardless? Undying self-belief and a happiness that comes from within.

So what are you waiting for? If you know what is it that you want to do, ask yourself these two simple questions every morning;

1. Am I fulfilling my dreams and goals?

2. If not, what can I do TODAY to make my dream my reality?

Know that it will take time, but no matter what your dreams or goals are in life, every day you have the choice a make. You choose to take one step closer to your dreams or you can shy away from them for yet another day, week, month and I promise you the years will fly by and before you know it, you will be retired, sitting on a porch somewhere in the country, surrounded by grandchildren, and great-grandchildren asking yourself where the time has gone.

Wouldn’t you rather be surrounded by family at this point telling them about all of the wild and wonderful tales of how, when you were young, you chased your dreams, lived them through and encourage them to do the same?

After all, what are you waiting for?