Hot Press magazine has launched an online petition calling for the resignation of Giovanna Trapattoni.

The music and current affairs magazine is petitioning for “the regime change that is so desperately needed” to resolve the current managerial “crisis in Irish football”.

"Giovanni Trapattoni has publicly stated that he should remain in position because he believes that the majority of ordinary supporters still support him as manager,” Hot Press editor Niall Stokes said. “We do not believe this to be the case."

A statement from Hot Press noted that if a manager takes the credit for a team's successes, then he must also accept responsibility for their failures.

“It is not just that Ireland have been beaten in four out of six competitive games since the start of the summer,” the statement said. “It is the manner of those defeats, with the team appearing confused, rudderless and lacking in fighting spirit that has devastated the Irish football community.”

The statement described the decline of the team “excruciatingly painful to watch” from the fans’ perspective.

Niall Stokes added: "The purpose of this petition is to definitively clarify the situation in that regard for him and hopefully to help spur the regime change that is desperately needed, so that the job of managing the Ireland team can be approached in the right, thorough, hard-working, conscientious and integrated way by a new manager," he said.