Let’s face it. Halloween is pretty much just a time for children to dress up as scary monsters, teenagers to hang around bonfires and adults to well more or less ignore the fact it’s even a thing.

Mid-term break and the excitement of a bag full of sugary treats is more than enough to get children counting down the days. The only thing that gets people in their early 20s excited is the themed events that the nightclubs have in town. With plenty of D.I.Y ideas to choose from you really have no excuse to ditch the dressing up.

Maybe it’s just me, but nearly every single women’s costume that you can buy is branded as “sexy”, consisting of super short skirts and skimpy tops. It would seem that women wouldn’t want to dress in this way, but when you look at T.V shows and movies these costumes are glorified. Take for instance “How I Met Your Mother”, a major part of how the main character met the mother was contained in a Halloween party where he meets a girl dressed as a ‘slutty pumpkin’. How can a fruit even be slutty? This makes absolutely no sense to me at all, why does the pumpkin have to be sexy? Can a woman not just dress as a normal pumpkin?

This objectifying of women is something that’s not just confined to Halloween. In movies women wear outfits that cover barely any of their body. Harley Quinn from the movie Suicide Squad is one of this year’s most sought after costumes. It’s a massively popular D.I.Y costume on YouTube and Pinterest, with everyone wanting to recreate the look. The character is attractive and desirable because of her looks and bad girl attitude. I mean being totally honest if I could throw on a Harley Quinn costume and look like her I would totally do it, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Have we bought into the idea that dressing as a character will make you a different person for one night?

I love dressing up and putting on makeup as much as the next person. So really, it’s not that I’m against Halloween because I’m not at all. Half the fun I think is in making the costume and maybe even collaborating with your friends. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that the costumes now are nearly a joke in themselves. When I was young most people wore a black bin bag and a pair of ears on their head (I’m not even that old).

It’s not just the women’s costumes that put pressure on women to look a certain way to fit in with the “style” of Halloween and not to forget that men too are objectified in certain ways. I’m sure everyone knows the costumes that became popular maybe a year or so ago, the one that covers your whole body and face and come in some luminous colours. I could be wrong here but those costumes really didn’t look that comfortable. First of all covering your face and secondly, it was so tight it nearly acted as a pair of spanks. It makes me wonder if the costumes were just for fun or people actually considered it a fashion statement.

It’s nearly inevitable that we get our ideas for costumes and the idea of what’s cool from celebrity world. With Lauren Conrad being the focus of most girls to see what she will flaunt this year. Interestingly though Lauren’s costumes are conservative and homemade. This idea of needing to go all out with your outfit is a trend that seems to have just appeared.

If you want to show off your crazy good makeup skills and amazing costumes that you’ve been planning all year there is absolutely no judgment here. Instead of opting for the revealing outfit this year maybe go for something that’s homemade and maybe even a little bit fun. Simple outfits that make people laugh seem to make the most impact on people. Take for instance the gingerbread man, or the ‘when life gives you lemons’ costumes that were all over the internet last year. After all Halloween is about having a bit of fun, it’s the one time of year that you can dress as your favourite cartoon character.