If Halloween has snuck up on you again this year and a run-of-the-mill costume just won’t cut it, here is a list of Halloween costume ideas that are simple and very effective.

Halle Berry in Catwomen: This is the ultimate cat costume that will have everyone purring at how gorgeous you look. To make your own, why not theme a pair of American apparel leggings with a tight black t-shirt to hug your curves. What we most like about this outfit is that it looks better with curves.  Success!  If you really want make eyes pop I’d suggest wearing a cheaper pair of leggings and adding your own cat scratches to them. Puuuuurfect.                    

Alice in Wonderland: If you’re not feeling up to wearing barely anything then don’t! Alice in Wonderland is the perfect costume idea. Just take a cute blue or white dress from your wardrobe, add a white apron, tie a bow in your hair, wear some blue eye shadow, and lets not forget about her signature white tights. After that you’re done.

Lady Gaga. If you want to be really creative with your Halloween costume why not go as the Lady herself? You can wear what ever you want as long as it’s extremely outlandish, flamboyant. If you can, why not splash out on a platinum wig to really tie things together.  

Lady Bug: Whoever says that dressing up as a ladybug for Halloween is for children, needs to take a rain check. A ladybug costume can be so easy to make and you will look bewitching.  Black and red are the colors of the ladybug. You simply need to locate these colors and use your creativity to compose this cute bug for Halloween.

Olivia Newton John in Grease:  This is an all time-loved costume that will have you looking and feeling acutely alluring. For this outfit, just pull together the same black disco pants and black leotard as I’ve mentioned in the Catwomen costume. After that, curl your hair and backcomb it into a bob. You’ll look positively gorgeous!

Where’s Wally: See if you can be spotted amongst the crowd in this classic Halloween costume. Make your own by pairing a pair of tight, black jeans with a stripy, red and white top and a pair of Harry Potter specks.  This is simple and you’ll be super comfortable for the whole night. What’s not to love?

Edward Scissorhands:  Sad and misunderstood, Edward Scissorhands is arguably one of the most beloved movie characters of all time. It’ll take a bit more effort to recreate Tim Burton’s masterpiece, but it’ll be well worth it. Armed with oodles of duct tape and black belts, find a black top and leggings and cover them with it. To make the Scissorhands find a pair of black gloves and stick cardboard scissor cutouts onto them and spray them silver. For the makeup just Google “Edward Scissorhands” and hey, Presto, you’ll have yourself an extremely impressive costume.  Although, it could prove to be very difficult to eat and drink during the night!

Edie Sedgwick: This costume idea is perfect for someone who loves fashion. 60’s IT girl and fashion icon, Edie Sedgwick was well known for her extravagant eye makeup and huge ‘shoulder dusters’ – really long, dangling earrings-.  To achieve this look wear a cute fitted black dress and in-your-face earrings. Pixie Woo does a really good Edie makeup tutorial so, check that out.

Nothing beats the classics: Be it a witch, a werewolf or a vampire, these costumes are always appreciated on a Halloween night out. As much as we love being creative during this time of year, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. Keep in mind, that if you do it, do it well.