Our food writer Eimear O'Hehir steps into the Wild West for some pulled pork at Dublin's Bison Bar

With the Irish summer being – well, as unpredictable as an Irish summer, all those barbeques can be but a dream. So when you dream of some barbecued ribs or a nice bit of brisket, head down to Bison Bar. Bison Bar is located on Wellington Quay (beside The Workmans). From the outside the bar doesn’t catch your eye, proven by the fact that I’ve passed this place nearly every day for years and have never given it much thought.

Upon entering the restaurant it was like walking onto the set of a western film. A saloon style bar with various different types of whiskeys – one hundred and fifty to be precise – and tequilas behind the bar greet you. Weaving through the ground floor you pass various different memorabilia from the western era. As a finishing touch and something that is truly unique, some of the seats are actual horse saddles on tack room wooden stands! Plastic cutlery and condiments are in little buckets on the table. Be ready to climb through windows to get from section to section of the restaurant, which adds a whole new dimension to the place.

The menu is condensed down to five mains and a handful of desserts and sides. Every meat served in Bison is smoked on site, which makes this restaurant special. We had the pulled pork and chips with burnt end beans for €7.95 and the brisket with chips, also €7.95, was delicious. The meat was beautifully smoked and moist. Presentation was very simple, silver trays with individual bowls of the sides on the side. To finish, we had the peach cobbler, which as far as cobblers go, is the real deal. The bar part of the restaurant is nothing fancy, but I suppose it’s not intended to be, as it makes you feel as though you’re out in the wild west. Drinks are similarly priced compared to other restaurants and bars. This being a whiskey bar you should definitely treat yourself to one of the many special whiskies they have, but be prepared to spend a little more.

The staff here are hands-down the most friendliest and pleasant I have ever come across in any restaurant in Dublin, so full marks to them.

However, as great as this place may be, it is not recommended for vegetarians, as there is no veggie option on the menu and the Bison head on the wall may be a bit daunting!

All in all though a really nice place if you’re looking for something different and want to step away from all the Italian joints and coffee shops that span the length and breadth of the Quays and spill into Temple Bar.

So when you log onto Facebook and seeing half of your mates doing a J1 makes you miss last summer in Boston or New York, go to Bison Bar, as this is cooking from the United States at it’s very best. I’d be happy to return here.