From making new friends to earning money and gaining independence, Cáit Ní Cheallacháin explains why those part-time jobs aren't so bad after all.
Struggling to get out of bed in the mornings? Sleeping through your snooze alarm? Hate your job? Then this one’s for you my friend! 
In order to boost your motivation levels, here’s the benefits of having a part time job. Yes, there are plus sides of a working life you know? Get your skates on and work every hour God sends.
Earn some money
You can earn some cold, hard cash so that you may finally afford that turquoise Michael Kors bag that has been teasing you from the window, or buy yourself some freedom with a new set of wheels. 
Not to mention the independence you gain and taking pressure off your parents for once. Earning your own money means that you can contribute to your expensive college years.
You learn how to budget. A life lesson that is best learnt at a young age, and hugely helpful in college, or for those moving out for the first time. 
Budgeting also teaches you that the easiest thing to do is not necessarily the cheapest, so beans and toast might seem like a handy dinner, but buying can after can of Bachelors becomes an expensive hobby.
Time Management 
You will soon learn that 24 hours in a day is simply never enough. By having a job you will learn good time keeping skills. You will now make schedules to ensure your day runs smoothly and efficiently. This will make procrastination less of a problem.
Experience – “Another one for the CV!” It’s handy to be able to write another reference or to just state more experience. This makes you more employable, and is very impressive for potential employers, even only if it’s just a little till work. Experience also means that promotion and pay rises suddenly become a possibility.
Make Friends 
You get a chance to meet new people and make friends, even though the only topic of conversation may be the weather. Work can have a great social aspect. Bonding with your work buds is always great at work parties, especially when the boss buys the first round.
Independence is one of those grey areas, but there’s no doubt that it comes along with a part time job, because it’s suddenly your name on a payroll and you’re going to be late to prinks because of your job. How sophisticated?
The "R" word that we are all so afraid of hearing. With the responsibility of being on time and making your own money, comes the responsibility of keeping things that way. You’re responsible for being respectable looking and having a good demeanour in the work place.
Generally with part time work, you can become more confident, because you have to be. Most part time jobs involve talking to people, and dealing with their queries and complaints, so you naturally become more confident in bringing up topics of conversation and using all of the skills you learned.
Now it's not all that bad, is it?