Conor O'Gara looks at ways to make your money go further in college.

1. Budget

Budgeting seems boring and mundane, because it is. However, it will save you so much money as you will think twice about buying that chicken roll instead of going home to make a sandwich. If you give yourself some leeway of €10 euro in your budget, you will always have money in case something you need to buy pops up. That being said, you should try and save about €10 a week if you can. By the end of each month you will have €40 saved up in a rainy day fund. That or you can spend it on a great night out. Or clothes. Or a new pair of headphones. The possibilities are endless!

2. Buy in bulk

I know this seems like a no-brainer, but plenty of people still don't do this. At the time it may not seem worth it to pay an extra €3 euro and get 24 rolls of toilet paper instead of 4, but it is. You'll thank yourself later. Buying in bulk minimises costs. This rule won't apply for everything, but a lot of things are cheaper if you buy in bulk.

3. Plan your nights out

This saves so much money. If you plan your nights out before you go out, your wallet will be much fatter. You can get a 4 pack of cans or a bottle of wine in Aldi for around €4. Add that to the taxi fare, price of entry into a club/pub, the drinks you're going to have when you're out (if any) and food (if you're going to the chipper after). Planning all this out will give you a good idea of how much money you'll need, and if you can afford to go out.

4. Make food at home instead of buying food in shops/delis/restaurants

We are in the worst recession of Irish history people! This tip is incredibly important. If you were to buy a roll every day, that'd be €4/5 on each day. But you're going to be getting a drink with said roll. That's another euro or two. That's between €25 and €35 you could be saving each week. I know that you might think it's embarrassing to bring in sandwiches you made at home to college, but so what. It's saving you a lot of money.

5. Minimise phone costs

This is one thing that Irish young people spend a huge amount of money on. I know that a lot of people get locked into a bill pay contract because they want the new iPhone. That's fair enough; you're willing to pay the extra cost because it's a brand new phone and it's amazing. However, if you don't really care too much about your phone and have a pay as you go contract, save your money by switching to the cheapest price plan available. 48 have a plan which is €10 a month for free calls and texts to every network with mobile broadband. I don't know how their prices are so low, personally I am sceptical and think there is a catch. However there are other price plans on other networks which are around €20 a month for the same package. I would recommend looking into this as it will save you a lot of money on phone credit. That, or be 'that guy' who never has credit and always sends people call-mes. Or just send people messages on Facebook. In this day and age almost everyone has broadband.