Shauna McHugh prepares you for the inevitable mortification that happens every year.
Freshers week is truly one of the highlights of the academic year. The workload hasn’t hit yet, and there’s a great atmosphere of excitement for the year ahead. However, there are a few less than stellar moments that are bound to strike during your week. Here are the main ones to look out for!

1: ‘What’s Your Name Again?!’

So you’re finding the whole ‘making new friends’ thing less awkward than expected. You’ve found a sound enough fellow classmate. You live near enough to each other, and you have a few classes together. This blossoming friendship has great potential. Except…you have absolutely no idea what their name is. You know that they told you already, but your memory of their name soon vanished whilst you were mingling with the thousands of other freshers. You could always ask, but perhaps it would be a bit awkward now that you’ve sat beside them in every class this week! Try standing nearby as they introduce themselves to other people, and listen carefully to the name they give. In the meantime, use generic names like “pal”, “bud”, “bestie”, “lad” or “gal”. My go to greeting in this situation is “hey hun”. Works like a charm most of the time.

2: “Is this guy even speaking English?”

One of the best parts about college is that you’ll meet students from all over the country. However, when it comes to deciphering the various accents, this is also one of the worst parts of college life. While the Dubs and those from certain parts of Cork speak so fast that you’re pretty sure they’re freestyle rapping, those from Cavan will speak so slowly that you’ve forgotten what the start of their sentence was by the time they’ve ended it. And the Belfast accent is honestly just a language of its own…And if you ever thought you didn’t really have a strong accent, college will introduce you to dozens of people ready to tell you otherwise and roast you relentlessly for it.

3: “Calling the Bank of Mam and Dad”

Freshers Week always has the best nights out! They’ll all be great for different reasons, with a different venue open every night of the week. Going out and catching up with your pals every single night of Fresher’s Week seems like a genius idea, until you realise that you’ve spent all your money on drink, drunken take aways and club admission. Pro tip- tell your parents you need extra cash for all the books you’re gonna bury your head in any day now, as you fund the sesh instead.

4: “Why are there so few hours in a week?!”

So after signing up to every society that offered freebies, you’re beginning to realise that you may have stretched yourself too thin. Sure the AGMs are fun, and the free pizza is totally worth it, but there’s no way you’re going to attend twenty different committee meetings in one week.

5: “Email Overload”

You’ve barely even started lectures yet, but already your inbox is being flooded with reading lists and course outlines. After all the effort it took to even remember the passwords for your student accounts, you’re beginning to realise it really wasn’t worth it. Sure your new lecturer sounds nice in his email, but you could have waited until the actual lecture to be introduced to him and his objectives. Those pesky society officers have somehow found their way into your inbox too, luring you to their meetings with the offer of even more free food. The constant notifications are making you want to put away all phones and laptops and fully consider a minimalist lifestyle.