Morbid or not, immoral or not, just plain awful or not, some of the ways in which people have died call for a big, hardy chuckle.

Most people don’t believe in speaking ill of the dead, but for some of the unfortunates mentioned below, their stories scream of poetic justice.

In other words, if you had a chance to speak to these recipients of death, I think the common theme of conversation would be “Ahh lads, what were ye thinkin’??

10. Dying for the loo...literally

A woman in California died after suffering from acute water intoxication. As fancy as that sounds, the woman died after entering a competition to see which contestant could drink the most water, while managing to stay away from the toilet.

The woman drank 7.5 litres and didn’t go to the toilet once. For what, you ask? Well, the title of the competition was “Hold your wee for a Wii”. That’s right, people were queuing up to hold off from toilet duties to be in for the chance to win a Nintendo Wii.

The kicker: she came second. Possibly even more ironic was the fact that the woman’s name was Jennifer Strange.

9. That’ll teach you, ya show-off

Garry Hoy a Toronto-based lawyer, was trying to prove just how great the windows in his office building were.

While showing off in front of a group of students, Hoy ran towards a window hitting with his shoulder.

At this point he was hoping to bounce off the glass, as he had done so several times before.

However, this particular demonstration ended in the lawyer falling to his death out of a 24th floor window. Not the best advertisement in the world.

8. Karma's a bitch

Mel Ignatow (kudos on the ridiculous name) was convicted of killing his girlfriend Brenda. He had tied her to a glass coffee table and bludgeoning her to death.

He only served 10 years for her murder and he was one of the most hated men in Louisville.

The ghost of Brenda was definitely around the day he died, when he fell through a glass coffee table, eventually bleeding out from his wounds. Hate that Mel!

7. Running is great for cardio, right?

This nut was mad for the running. Not only did Jim Fixx go for a run every day, but he took the time (between jogs) to write a book called “The Complete Book of Running”.

Anyway, after returning from one of these “must-do” daily jogs, 52-year-old Fixx collapsed and died of a heart attack.

And they say exercise is good for you!

6. Talk about taking a bullet for someone

Clement Vallandigham was the bravest/silliest lawyer of all time. His job was to prove that his client didn’t kill a man in a bar fight and his defense was that the dead man probably shot himself by accident.

To prove it, he reenacted the sequence where the dead guy pulls a gun from his pocket and shoots himself – no really, Vallandigham actually shot himself by accident.

Lucky for his client, it helped him win the case. Unfortunately for the lawyer, he died.

5. Binge-drinking anything is bad for the liver

What do you get when you purée 200 pounds of carrots, to make 10 gallons of carrot juice, that you drink in just 10 days?

Poor aul Basil Brown died after trying out this radical experiment, because he ended up having more than 10,000 times the recommended dose of vitamin A for a normal human being.

That’s what you call over-doing it, lad.

4. Well that’s one way bring down the party

New Orleans’ lifeguards were celebrating how totally awesome they were in the ‘80s because they had gone a whole summer without letting anyone die.

Ironically, the group of 204 lifeguards didn’t see a lad drowning in the pool beside them, at the party.

Yeah… that actually happened.

3. Just another reason NOT to say YOLO

Everyone really does only live once, especially when you’re stupid enough tempt your own fate.

An upcoming rapper basically told the world “f**k it” as he tweeted about his nonchalance while driving drunk.

Twenty minutes after announcing how bad-ass he was, the rapper crashed his car, killing himself and the other four passengers who were in the car with him.

2. Men trying to multitask. Uh-oh!

While waiting to meet his maker by way of the electric chair, death row inmate Michael Anderson Godwin decided to watch some TV.

However, the poor fellow couldn’t get his telly to work, so he decided that the best time to fix it, would be while sitting on a METAL toilet, with WATER beneath him.

The clever fellow bit one of the television’s wires and surprisingly, instead of bringing it back to life, he electrocuted himself to death.

1. In Movember we remember

This poor LAD paid for his epic style. Like many hipsters today, Hans Steininger was obsessed with having the perfect facial hair.

The Austrian was known around town for having the longest beard in the world (The monster was 4.5 ft. long).

One day, in an attempt to run from a fire, the old guy tripped on his beard, fell, broke his neck and died.

Fashion to die for eh?

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