Nicole O'Connor finds songs from broadway musicals that will epitomise different situations in your college life..
It always said that there is a song for everything and there really is so I decided to make a Broadway soundtrack for your college journey. 
While everyone’s college experience is different but there are some rites of passage everyone experiences so here is a Broadway soundtrack for your college experience.
So you have finally flown the nest yet your mother is still on your back keeping tabs on you? 
‘Are you eating enough? ‘Did you do your washing?’ ‘Who is that boy who is friends with you on the Facebook?’ 
A great song about growing up and trying to get your mother to loosen her protectiveness over you is definitely Hairspray’s Mama I’m a Big Girl Now- ‘ Ma you always taught me what was right from wrong and now I just wanna give it a try’
So it’s your first day of college and having spent a number of hours exploring the campus and making friends. You have now come to the conclusion that you ‘think I’m (you’re) gonna like it here.’ Just like Annie.
Now it’s on to the next big step in your college life, joining clubs and societies. Sure you could Play it safe and pick something you know you like but why not try something out of your comfort zone like snow sports or Archery and ‘try defying gravity.’
It’s a Tuesday night and you are getting all done up and putting on your dancing shoes. What better song to listen to that Out tonight from Rent ‘Let’s go Out tonight’ or Dancing Queen from Mamma Mia ‘You can dance, you can dance, having the time of your life.’
By now you have had your night on the town and all you want to do with your pounding head is take an aspirin and go to bed. 
After seeing how poor your bank balance looks too is making you feel ill. But don’t worry just remember ‘The sun will come out tomorrow, so you gotta hang on till tomorrow.’
After that horrific hangover has passed, it finally hits you. You have a crush, your first college crush and jeez is that wedding bells you hear. ‘I can hear the bells, well don’t you hear them chime.’
And with your first college crush, you could be paving the way for your first college heartbreak. ‘And all I see is him and me forever and forever, and I know it’s only in my mind.’
You have been spending that much time enjoying your college social life, that whoops you forgot to do that assignment and you have realised you are ‘totally fucked.’
Or walking into that first college exam after little to no sleep and the knowledge that it is just coffee running through your veins and you see it. 
The Question you have wished for all night long and you just want to break out into a version of ‘You’re the one that I want.’ But you can’t so you sit there grinning like the chesire cat.
When you get that grade you have been needing or wanting. That 1st or 2:1 you have been so desperately hoping for. There is only one song that fits this moment as everyone else either wants to steal your spotlight or brush over the results because they are wallowing in self-pity. That song is Don’t Rain on my parade.
That J1 Experience is something not every college student gets the chance to experience but it is definitely one worth mentioning. And the song to accompany you in this momentous occasion, ‘I like to be in America, Okay by me in America.’
So far on this magical Broadway journey we have covered quote a lot of your college experiences but there is one that is looming for thousands of students across the country.
And I think this is the only one for the job, the end of your college experience, the only track for the occasion Seasons of Love. ‘How do you measure, measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee, in inches, in miles, in laughter and strife.’
I think this track lists is definitely the Broadway soundtrack to your college experience. Do you think I missed some better songs, or do you have your own version why not let us know in the comments.
And finally for all of you who want to hear the tracks mentioned above enjoy the tracklist below.
Mama I’m a big Girl- Hairspray
Like it here- Annie
Defying Gravity- Wicked
Out Tonight- Rent
Dancing Queen- Mama Mia
Tomorrow- Annie
I Can Hear the Bells- Hairspray
On My Own- Les Mis
Totally Fucked- Spring Awakening
The One That I Want- Grease
Don’t Rain on My Parade- Funny Girl
America- West Side Story
Seasons of Love- Rent