College Life Editor Sally Gorman takes a look at some of the recent health-kick products that have come on the market including the popular ‘Nutri-Bullet
In this day and age we are all seen as modern day foodies.
Ireland may be one of the slowest nations to adapt to this new food obsession but slowly but surely we are getting there.
A Foodie, is someone with a particular interest in food and yes, I think it is fair to say we have all become more aware of what food we are putting into our bodies.
With popular TV shows like Operation Transformation and the likes it’s hard not to become consumed by all this fitspiration.
A sure sign that Ireland is moving with the times is the ever growing popularity of kale and indeed spinach. Until just last week I didn’t know what a Nutri Bullet was nor how you would eat kale! 
It’s a sure sign that fit is fashionable when even I have a bottle of Vit-Hit in front of me instead of my trademark Pepsi-Max. The readily availability of these new super foods is quite intriguing. For example, it is now common to cook in coconut oil and to even drink almond milk.
These are things I never would have dared in a previous life. I mean who knew that Kale, the queen of greens, has so many health benefits?
According to Mind Body Green, kale contains even more iron than beef, is a low calorie food, has zero fat and is high in fibre too.
What’s not to like?  I find the best way to eat our kale is in soup or a smoothie. That way the other ingredients will enhance its otherwise tastelessness.
If like me, you aren’t sure just exactly what a NutriBullet is then listen carefully.
With the help of a NutriBullet you can enjoy your fruit and veg whilst making the most of their nutrition.
We shouldn’t juice our foods as juicing removes fibre and we shouldn’t blend foods as blending leaves lumps.
That’s why with the NutriBullet we can fully break down our foods without losing valuable nutrients, advises NutriBullet.
For those of you unaware of VITHIT you need to try these drinks. I for one, am not the most adventurous when it comes to food or drink – my friends will vouch for this.
But once you go green you will get lean.
Yes VITHIT’s Lean and Green contains only 35 calories and still provides you with 100% RDA of 8 vitamins.
This low calorie tonic is perfect for boosting metabolism and I promise it tastes good.
I don’t drink tea so I feared that the tea element to VITHIT would be its downfall but boy was I wrong. These health giving teas and herbs have managed to spruce up my general well-being.
I have learned that coconut oil can boost metabolism and reduce appetite. In return this will help you to lose fat over time.
As for almond milk, not only does it taste better than whole milk but it also contains less calories.
So if like me, you are a milk lover then substituting cow’s milk for almond milk could have a huge impact on your weight.
It also keeps your heart healthy. There’s no cholesterol or saturated fat in almond milk and its low in salt. It’s a win win situation.
With celebrities like Roz Purcell promoting healthy eating guidelines like these it’s hard not to have faith, have you seen her? Roz, creator of the successful food blog (yes there are now food blogs too) Natural Born Feeder certainly promotes tasty but healthy food.
Appearing on Saturday! Night live with Brendan O’ Connor last weekend Roz explained that this may be a more expensive way of living but certainly more beneficial.
She is definitely a good advertisement for this new food culture, and I am eagerly awaiting her new cook book.