As part of a new enhancement plan, Trinity’s Academic Registry is engaged in new reforms, including a revamp of the online registration system, aiming to address ongoing issues voiced by the College community.

The online registration process has undergone a revamp over the summer, providing what the Academic Registry calls a “new simplified and streamlined” approach. The service has also looked at improving the electronic payments system carried out via the mytcd portal. This is now done under the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system, in line with widespread practice.

Academic Registry has also developed the AR Forum, which, as outlined on its website, “facilitates regular meetings between the AR and the different faculties and global relations”. This is to allow for a more efficient exchange of information between Trinity’s schools and various administrative divisions.

The Academic Registry Enhancement Plan, introduced in 2014, has seen a number of key developments to the service. The plan aims, according to the Academic Registry website, to develop a service that can support the “student lifecycle, support schools in delivering College’s mission and to enable the College to grow student numbers”.

Students’s complaints with the Academic Registry have been well documented, with students frequently citing difficulties with attempting to changing course, registering for the academic year and organising Erasmus exchanges.

Other potential improvements outlined in the plan include steps like drop-in clinics and the introduction of briefings with heads of Trinity’s 24 schools. One development has been the transfer of student records from the old Admin 5 system to the newer Student InformaTion System (SITS) programme, which has since seen 900,000 student records created in the system.