Katie Wheeler talks us through what she's been forced to learn about herself living alone, sweating in Aldi, feeling an overwhelming need to clean and arriving in a heap from power-walking everywhere...

Moving out can certainly be a learning curve. Living on your own for the first time can teach you all sorts of lessons about yourself. Here are a few personal favourite revelations of mine…

1. I take a HELL of a lot longer to get ready in the morning when I have to clean up after myself. I’m going to reveal myself for the slob that I am, but at home I would happily leave plates and bowls in the sink, toast crumbs, shoes, and clothes all over the place. Since I moved out I have this urge to appear neat and tidy and race around cleaning before I leave for anywhere hence arriving into all of my lectures this week twenty minutes late.

2. It’s so hard to think for yourself about what to eat. No more coming home to a lovely meal on the table, instead I stood sweating in Aldi trying to do my first food shop. “What do I need?” I asked myself crazy-eyed as I wandered around for an hour debating the goodness of multi seed over wholemeal bread, trying to put meal plans together in my head.

3. I’ve realised since I moved out that I am such a homebird. Going home on the weekend is like going on holiday now. I realise just how much I have missed my dog, family, comfy couch and a roast dinner made by my award-winning Irish mammy.

4. Walking is the enemy. Before I complained about having to take two buses everywhere, now I complain about arriving into college in a sweaty heap after a thirty minute power walk. I refuse to spend money on travel as well as rent… Well that was my mantra until this morning when I conceded and bought a Leap Card.

5. Having your own space, a room you can lock and retreat to and having no one question your actions is golden. I no longer have my mam wandering in complaining about the state of my room or wanting to know where I am going 24/7, the freedom of living away from home is well worth the rent and power walk-induced sweatiness!