This follows a shocking report on nationwide housing that was released yesterday.

College students around the coutnry are gearing up to return for another year of academics. One of the most important things on their mind at themoment is accommodation, and how to find some. 

Yesterday, released a report on the price of renting nationwide, revealing what we already know - not enough houses and too high rent. The USI followed on from this report, and revealed the results of their own survey aout student accommodation. 

They received 3,597 responses out of a total 225,641 students in the country, and the answers are equally worrying and shocking. 24% of the students who answered said they only chose their accommodation as they couldn't find anything else, and an incredibly low 9% chose it based on affordability. 

38 students said they had no accommodation, and on the night of Census 2016, 429 out 7,000 homeless people were students.

The average deposit for accommodation €400, and 58% of the students pay between €251-500 monthly.

Finding housing is not an easy task, with 36% of students say they were looking for accommodation for up to three months before they found something. And that's not to say that the accommodation is actually suitable; 24% found mould in their apartment, 21% had inadequate heating, dampness and 19% suffered with high noise levels.

While we are lucky to have education that is somewhat accessible for everyone, the shortage of affordable and suitable accommodation proves a real barrier for some students starting college. It's not good enough.

You can read the full USI report here. 

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