Do you recognise anyone from this list?

In first year, most of us tend to be a bit adventurous and decide to take on a few new housemates that we wouldn’t know beforehand.  Sometimes you’ll make the best friends of your life, others, you’ll spend all your free time hiding out at friends or abusing college computer labs on Netflix. Either way, here are the usual suspects you’ll find yourself living with:

1. The homebody

This person will never be seen on a weekend. Every Friday you’ll get a knock on your door to say a quick goodbye and every Sunday they’ll drag that suitcase back in the front door, most likely loaded with home cooked meals for the week.

2. Do they even go here?

The person who will be found in front of the TV or at the table when you come in from college, no matter what time of day it is. You find yourself wondering if they even attend college.

3. The party animal

Rarely found at home on a weekday night, this lad or lass will no doubt wake you up at 3am as they stumble home from yet another night on the booze. That is, if they didn’t talk you into going out with them in the first place.

4. The loner

That one flatmate that never seems to leave their room, except to eat. The only indication they’re around is another dirty plate in the sink or a jacket on the couch.

5. The dedicated student

This breed of flatmate can usually be seen holding a binder fit to burst with notes, and frantically talking about the ten exams and five essays they have due in the next two weeks. Their nights will more than likely be spent taking over the kitchen with various sheets of paper or in the library till 3am.

6. The couple

The one with the boyfriend or girlfriend whose living situation you’re starting to question. Are they secretly living with you? Are they homeless? They will be if they take any more of your food.

7. The long distance couple

The one with the partner from Youmadethatupastan that you’re not 100% sure exists until they show up one evening and take over your couch for a weekend.

8. The nice one

“Need anything from the shop?” “Need to borrow some money?”  That one housemate who absolutely everyone gets on with, and is easygoing as a lazy Sunday morning.

9. The socialite

After a long day at college or work, all this person wants to do is sit in the kitchen with a coffee and cigarette and talk about life, even if all you want to do is watch Home and Away or disappear to bed for a patented power nap.

10. The early riser

There’s nothing worse than being woken up at 7am when you’re not due to drag yourself to college till 10. This person has to be up early, hates it and makes sure everyone knows. They will slam every door, move every bowl in the cupboard and make sure everyone else wakes up with them.

11. Do they even live here?

The flatmate with a hundred friends that always seems to be coming back from meeting a friend, on their way to see someone or gone from the apartment on a coffee date.