Campus Accommodation

A number of Colleges either own their own campus accommodation or have agreements with developers for the provision of campus accommodation. Talk to the college accommodation office for further information.

Internet Search Engines

It seems that everyone I talk to lately has found their apartment/flat/house on the internet. There are lots of websites to choose from. Try and find out if the one you're using is reputable. Remember accommodation tends to move fast on the internet, but don't let the pressure of finding accommodation lead you to make any rash judgments.


A good place to start looking for a flat or house is the accommodation section of local and evening papers. Try to buy the paper as soon as it comes out.

Notice Boards

Accommodation may also be advertised in shop windows or notice boards in supermarkets and colleges. Notice boards can have too much information on them sometimes, but it's worth having a look at them every now and again.

Word of Mouth

Tell everyone you know that you're looking for a place; word of mouth is surprisingly successful.
Some places, especially if they're being let through an estate agent, will have To Let signs outside. You should make an appointment to see the flat or house and turn up early.

Students' Union

Many SU's run an accommodation service. Even if they don't run a service they might be able to give you some good advice on finding accommodation locally.

Accommodation Agencies

Accommodation agencies are commercial organisations that may charge a fee for helping you find private rented accommodation. They normally deal with more expensive accommodation than newspapers. Before you register with the agency and pay a fee, you should get answers to the following questions:

  • Is the agency licensed?
  • What services are offered for the fee?
  • In what circumstances will you be entitled to a refund?
  • How many landlords who accept rent supplements does the agency have on its list?

If you decide to register, make sure you get a receipt for any money you pay.

For Further Information

Threshold National Housing Organisation

Your Local Students? Union