Having a hard time with your housemates?

House sharing for the first time can be a difficult to navigate. So here are some basic guidelines that will help ensure a happy household.

1. Funds

Items such as bin liners, tin foil, cling film and washing up liquid are necessities for every house. Start a kitty to cover the cost of these everyday basics or alternatively steal them from home – just don’t be the person who never buys toilet paper.

2. Cleaning

Clean as you go in the kitchen. It’s a good idea to wash your pots and pans before sitting down to dinner especially if everyone in the house is cooking separate dinners on different schedules.

3. Toilet

A shared bathroom will go from zero to disgusting in no time at all if neglected. Take turns to clean it and clean it often. Learn to love the smell of cleaning wipes.

4. Sharing is caring – but only if I say so…

There are certain things that simply cannot be ‘borrowed’ and you need to learn what they are. The list includes but is not limited to the following:  shampoo, shower gel, hair gel, milk, razors and alcohol. Especially alcohol.

5. Prinking

Be considerate of the other people in your house when it comes to parties, pre-drinks and bringing people home. Your amazing never-ending Wednesday night may well be the night before an exam for your house-mate. Be nice – annoy someone else’s house mates.

6. Clothes

Don’t leave your washing in the washing machine it’s extremely inconsiderate and it smells. Similarly don't leave your clothes strewn around the house for days drying. There is nobody here to pick up after you.

7. Vacuum and mop

Don’t be afraid of the vacuum cleaner or the mop. Even if it's just to avoid your assignments clean the floors every once in a while. The whole house will appreciate being able to walk around barefoot for a short time. 

8. Go on, go on, go on

Be polite and make tea for everyone, college is about making friends.

9. Let’s talk about sex

Sex is not (usually) a household affair so pull your bed away from the wall and try to keep it down.

10. And remember…

Don’t get too stressed about your housemates’ bad habits, life is too short. Housemates have the potential to make the best friends so embrace them and their messy ways.