Moving out of home for the college year and saying goodbye to being catered for? Then it’s time to start making that list of essentials for student living!

To survive week-in week-out, you’ll need to be stocked up with all the things you didn’t need to think twice about when you were pampered at home; now it’s time to get real, and get organised.

Let’s give you a room-to-room guide on all the things you’re going to need to make your student accommodation feel like home, and remain a liveable zone.

The kitchen

First thing’s first, the kitchen is going to be your centre of food-making and eating, so keep it clean! Here’s a list of things you definitely need.

·      J cloths

·      Bin

·      An iron and ironing board

·      Wash basket

·      Clothes horse

·      Plates, glasses cups, cutlery. Fill the kitchen!

·      Toaster (Necessary for hurried late mornings)

·      Microwave (Even necessarier)

·      Kettle

·      Pots

·      Can Opener

·      Broom/Brush

·      Washing-up liquid

·      Soap


Bedroom & bathroom

The room you’ll be spending most time in whether it’s sleeping, daytime naps or recovering from the night before, so do your best to keep it tidy. Here’s a list of items essential to the best sleeping experience.

Curtains (don’t be surprised there’s nothing but a bare window awaiting you in the bedroom)

·      Mattress (Hopefully there are one of these provided)

·      Duvet, sheets, pillows, blanket (for the horrible Irish winters with a faulty heating system!)

·      Towels, toilet bag (with stuff in it)

·      Alarm clock (Because you can’t always rely on your phone!)

·      Light bulbs

·      Bedside lamp, Desk lamp, desk, bedside desk

·      Shelves

·      Mirror

·      Photo Frames (Because all get sentimental sometimes)

·      Bin (could do with one of these in every room)


Living room

Your living room, the most social place in your flat, may have the feel of a common room, but it’s important to give it a bit of your own style, so here’s a few thing you could add to make it more homely.

·      A comfy cushion (the one you claim when you enter the room)

·      Bean bag (the ultimate slouch chair after a day’s learning)

·      A painting (or anything you can hang on the wall)

·      Ornaments (any  nukes and crannies you can decorate the mantle piece with)

·      Coffee table/puf (something to put your feet up on)



·      Sellotape

·      Mini hoover

·      Hangers

·      Batteries


An abundance of toilet paper is always a plus too. Live well, and enjoy the college life sensibly!