Here are the primary reasons to consider a university that will not only enrich your education, but enhance four years of your life too, writes UL Graduate Sean Dunne.

As many students return to secondary schools around Ireland, for many the ultimate task awaits them, filling out the CAO form and deciding  what lies ahead of them post second level education.

The points race will no doubt sweep the country again in the coming months. Students will compete  to secure a high points course but before this perhaps consider why are you really applying for this course. Is it because you actually want a career in this area or is it the attraction to how high the points are to enter the course.

Filling out the CAO form for undergraduate course or the PAC application for post graduate studies is a life changing experience and it is important to research the University you intend to spend the next three to four years of you're academic career.

The University of Limerick is one of the finest academic institutions Ireland has to offer. Located in Castletroy in Co Limerick just a ten minute drive from the city, the campus boasts a richness that will truly capture the imagination of any student.

The campus is one of the most modern Universities in Ireland and  living the college dream is certainly made easier with such high standards the University has to offer on both an academic and social grounding. So here are my top five reasons to choose UL when filing out CAO or PAC applications.

1.     Work Placement

In today’s ever increasing competing job market, one bonus UL graduates have on their side is the work experience that each academic course in UL offers students.

Teaching English abroad for humanities students is becoming one of the most popular placements. UL has links in Spain, Mexico, Korea and Uganda. To find out more information checkout


2.     Erasmus / Study Abroad


Ever wondered what it would like to be a Junior or Senior in college in America? Now is your chance. One of the best things I took from my studies in UL was my semester as a Study abroad student at Bridgewater State University in Boston.

Immersed in the American educational system is a challenge but it is safe to say certain aspects do resemble the movie American Pie…. UL has great links on the Erasmus program from Universities right across Europe. There really is a college out there for you. For some the experience can be a real jilt into reality but it is an experience most UL graduates will still talk about in ten years after graduating.


3.     UL Sporting facilities & Clubs and Socs


The UL Arena boasts some of the top sporting facilities and allows students to become immersed in so many activates. The Astro pitches have been the latest edition to the already top class facilities in UL.

 If sports are not really your thing,fear not; UL has many other clubs and socs and a fantastic student newspaper AN Focal and now a student run radio station ULFM.


4: On Campus Accommodation

Living on campus in UL is a fantastic way to make friends . On campus life  is really living in the UL bubble.

UL now has 5 on campus accommodation residences and especially for first years it is a great way to make friend and become part of the UL community


5: Friendships

The UL experience is one that you really have to experience for yourself. My advice in filling out CAO and PAC applications is to think about both sides of the coin. A college experience is the course you choose but think a little about the social aspects to the next few years of your life. UL is one of the greatest student experiences out there. From the moment you set foot in the UL dream, it really is a University that is a home away from home.

Heading off on the next chapter of your journey is an exciting prospect for all students, just be sure to do some research before you submit any applications. It may be worth it in the long run to have a day trip and sit in on a lecture of something you have an interest in. As a recent UL graduate of the New Media & English degree, I have UL to thank for enriching my college experience.