It’s that time of year again when our screens are graced with whiny and obnoxious people trying to make it big on a reality show.

No, it’s not Made in Chelsea: ladies and gents, The Apprentice is back on the T.V.  Lord Alan Sugar will have weeks to pick his shining star to go into business with.

Hilarity and entertainment will follow, no doubt. After nine series the show has gone to on to become a fans' favourite, mainly due to Sugar’s impressive put downs to the group in the boardroom. Not only that, but it is the arrogance and over-confidence of the hopefuls that raises a few laughs also. Their inner belief that they are the best business person ever makes for excellent viewing. Classic quotes include, ‘I’m the best salesperson in Europe’, or ‘I’m a field of ponies’. Whatever your opinion of the candidates, you cannot deny that they must have had some degree of success before they landed their spot on TV. They have to be out to impress, especially if they want Sugar to invest in their business idea. They have to be driven and hungry to succeed. There is no fear of them ever being labelled as an ‘underachiever’.

When you look at the candidates, the majority of them are in their early to mid-twenties, with a few of them being only the tender age of 22 and 23. They were setting up their own companies before they even went to university and are budding entrepreneurs. Where did the rest of us go wrong? Why are some college students and young adults still perfectly content to simply go through the motions and settle for mediocrity?

Some people move from job to job without ever really having a career plan or stable direction. While this may suit certain individuals, others may be wasting their talents. How many times have we took the foot off the accelerator when it comes to studying or assignments and just gone, ‘ah sure I only need to pass’ or ‘it’s not that important anyway’? Most of us just want to be ‘good enough’. Why don’t we want to be great?

Obviously no one wants to be the pompous fool, running around trying to be the best at absolutely everything, but there is no shame in taking pride in your work or achievements. Having ambitions and a good work ethic is something that is coveted by employers and companies alike. No one wants to work with someone who lacks drive or a determined attitude. Individuals like to surround themselves with people who bring out the best out of them, and that’s not going to happen if you just stroll through life. It doesn’t have to be a business role or the high powered executive job, but have a passion in life and aim to be the best you can be at it.

Success doesn’t always equate to money and it would be foolish to believe so: being a success is knowing that you went out into the world and made something of yourself. Whether it is a career, winning awards, maintaining a relationship: the euphoria of pushing yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of is exhilarating. Running the risk of sounding like a cliché, don’t let anyone hold you back. They might tell you that you’re are getting too big for your boots but really they are only jealous that they can’t motivate themselves to get ahead in life. Once you keep your values and whatever keeps you you then run ahead of the pack.

In a few years, you won’t be the candidate in the boardroom, you will be Lord Sugar.