Aoife gives a bitesize account of what it's like to be thought of as lazy, just because you're a student

It all started on the train.

Armed with suitcase, laptop bag and handbag, I made the weekly journey from my home in Waterford to the bedroom in a student accommodation complex near my college that was by now my second home.

Before alighting at Heuston Station, a security guard at the door and I struck up a conversation.

“You students have the life, you know. All ye do is party, and drink and then party again. Do ye go to college at all?”

It’s probably best not to ask me that question. I have four hours of college a week. But the other parts of his tirade hit me. That’s how the world sees us. It’s how we’ve always been seen.

Never mind that the hours I don’t spend in college are taken up by writing more articles than I can count, working on articles sent in for the section of the college paper I manage, or going to work at ridiculous AM so I can afford to feed myself for the week. I’m a student. I’m the same as all the rest of them. Just another rowdy teenager (highly insulting, because I’m actually 21, I just look 17) who’s wasting the money their parents paid for them to have a good education.

Except I’m not.

I myself am not a big drinker. I don’t go out every night of every week, but when I do I know when to put the bottle down and say enough is enough.

Instead, I go to the college bar, have one or two (it can be done) and head home to continue my attack on the world of journalism. I may be alone on this thinking path, but I came to college to get the skills and practice needed to get a good stab at a job. 

My future is much more important to me than what can be found at the bottom of a naggin of vodka.

Are you sick of being seen as a waster because you're a student? Comment below