The end of the Christmas break isn't all bad: with every month that passes from now on, we're edging closer and closer to the summer!

Returning to college can seem like a bit of a drag, especially when you're just getting into the routine of having chocolate for breakfast and slobbing out 24/7 - but there is a plus side to getting back to the old routine.

Here are 10 things I don't hate about going back to college for semester two.

1. Being back in my college home

Those of you who went home to spend Christmas in the shticks know that as nice as the home comforts are, by the end of the holidays, the joy of freshly washed sheets, home cooked meals, a fridge stocked with actual food for humans has begun to wear thin.

Cabin fever has truly set in and you’re more than happy to go back to slumming it a bit for the joy of doing whatever you want in your own place.

2. Having no one to answer to but myself

It can be a shock to the system to return home for Chrimbo and find out that it's not acceptable to head out on a week-long binge. There are rules to be adhered to and your parents actually like to be kept informed of your whereabouts.

Going back to college can equal an escape from the constant questions. "Are you going to get dressed today? Are you going to leave the house today? Do you really need to sleep until mid-afternoon? “No. No. Yes actually, I do,” is the answer when you’re back in college because it’s all up to you.

3. College friends

Unlike many of us when we go home and find ourselves cut off in every sense of the word, in college your friends are mostly all in one place. Some will live with you, or in the next estate, some you see every day in college and the ones furthest away are generally still a short bus/train/Luas away. You can see your friends as much or as little as you like in college and for as long and as late as you like too.

4. College nights out

When you’re in college any night is a Saturday night! Your social life is never better then when you’re in college, whether it’s drinks in the student bar, a house party, fresher’s party or hitting the town there’s endless possibilities every night. And so much lovely student promotions it would be rude not to give them all a fair run.

5. The morning after the night before

As great as the summer nights are at home, there's nothing better than waking up the next morning with your friends still there to gossip over the night before. Hoodies, tracksuit bottoms or pyjamas are the accepted attire and the only decision to be made is whose turn it is to go to the shop.

6. College cuisine

College dining is a laid back affair and it is the only time in your life that rolls are a perfectly acceptable meal for any occasion or time of day.  A concoction of whatever you found in the presses mixed with pasta can be a triumph and noodles are always a good choice. 

7. Closer each day...

We miss our stable TV over the summer, Home and Away included.  Same goes for Jeremy Kyle, Friends re-runs and all the classics.  Our heads are so full of information from our lectures/nights out this light TV sooths our tired heads.

8. Starting with a clean slate

We can go back to college for semester two with the best intentions that this time you will actually make the 9am Monday lecture or that you will actually start thinking about your assignments when you get them instead of the week they're due. You won't find yourself pulling all-nighters before exams because you will be well prepared this time.... You haven't broken any of these vows to yourself this year yet and are still fresh full of optimism.

9. Being treated as an equal

At college you are treated as a responsible adult and no one is going to pick up the slack for you.  You can miss as much lectures as you please without anyone passing comment as it’s no one’s responsibility but your own to ensure you pass.  Your lecturers don’t want you to be “seen and not heard” as is often the way in school, but welcome students who can debate with them and offer a different argument. You are welcomed into college as an equal by everyone you meet which is extremely refreshing.

10. Infinite possibilities

One of the best things about being back at college is the infinite possibilities it offers.  Every day brings new people to meet, from all walks of life and cultures; you’ll probably never meet so many interesting or like-minded people again.  The same applies for new experiences, there are opportunities to see or learn something new every day and a seemingly endless supply of college clubs and socs to help you along the way.

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