Ways to avoid a hangover before it hits

We all have that person in our group. When the rest of us are glued to the couch and only moving for the day to get a chicken fillet roll, they’re up as fresh as a daisy after a night out. We hate them.

But there’s no great mystery to how they do it, a great night without the terrible next morning can be done! Here’s how to achieve the perfect balance.

Eat your fill
Before heading out on the tiles, make sure you have some good meals throughout the day, especially for dinner right before leaving.

It’s always easier to grab something small and quick to fit in with your plans, but filling up and lining your stomach will work wonders the next day.

Eating slows down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream by keeping it in the stomach longer. On an empty stomach, alcohol can move into your bloodstream much faster.

Make the pit stop
Food after the night is just as important too! When the dancing is done, make sure to head to your favourite food stop to refuel. It’s always better craic than the nightclub anyway!

However, food will not help alcohol leave your body any faster, and food won’t make you feel sober. So eat before and during drinking, but remember that eating after won’t help for tomorrow morning.

Prep your bed
Not in the way you’re thinking! Before you leave to go out, make sure your bed is made and you have a bottle of water, pyjamas and toothbrush ready for your return.

For all the ladies, have your make up wipes there too. Having them on the bed means you’re more likely to take your makeup off before going to sleep, which your fresh-faced morning self will thank you for.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 
Probably the most important tip on this list. Before, during and after the night, make sure you’re having enough water. Hydrate before heading out, and then make sure to have one glass of water for each alcoholic drink you have.

It will help balance your alcohol levels and aid your hydration for a hangover-free head the next morning.

Know your limits
None of the tips on this list will work if you’re drinking too much anyway! Know your body’s limits and when you think you’ve had enough, stop and move on to water or minerals. The best way to avoid a hangover is to avoid the overindulgence first.

Hangovers are never worth the over-drinking. For more information and tips on how you can wake up hangover free, why not visit Diageo’s Stay Yourself campaign at http://www.stay-yourself.eu/.