The types of people you’ll see on a student night out

It can be easier to be carefree, confident and more relaxed on a night out. Here are just some of the people that you’ll see and meet on a student night out that will leave a lasting impression on you (be it good or bad): 
The girl gang
You’ll find them on the dance floor gathered in a tight circle singing at the top of their lungs and busting their best moves. 
Sometime later however, you’ll see them all panting at the bar for water and complaining that their heels are killing them after going a bit too hard dancing to the latest Beyoncé hit. 
However, your best bet that that will all be forgotten and they will be back up on that dance floor when ‘Shape of You’ comes on, with heels in their hands. 
The rapping taxi driver  
You’ve just sat into the taxi, and are having a bop to the radio on the way home from town, when ‘King Kunta’ comes on and the taxi man surprises you by rapping every word without missing a beat. 
When you all nod in agreement at his talent, he whips out a copy of his debut LP for you to hear. Next thing you know, you’re agreeing to go see him play a gig the following week before you’ve got the time to pay him the fare and get out of the taxi. (Shout out you, MC Taximan!) 
The new BFF
You literally met them ten minutes ago at the bar and bonded over your shared love for the song that was playing, and the seemingly impossible chance that you’re both from the same county.
After introducing them to your friends, you spend the whole night with them, and vow to text them the next day to hang out. However, when you wake up the next morning, you feel awful because you barely remember their name, let alone what you were talking about. 
The jersey puller
You know the type, the ladies (and lads) who cannot resist a county jersey. You’ll spot them spending their night hovering near a group of jersey clad students talking about the time they played county and how they absolutely love the GAA (although it is likely that some of them haven’t a clue what the difference between a 45 and a 65 is). Typically spends their Sundays in cold conditions in half filled stadiums. 
The full time sessioner
Likely found with bags under their eyes, the full time sessioner is that girl or guy who never turns down an opportunity for a night out. 
They know all the staff and bouncers by name and they know the best spots to go for every night of the week, and have a few back-ups just in case. 
When you see them, they’ll say they’ve been out every night since Monday, and it’s now Thursday, yet they claim they’ve still made it into college every day. When do they sleep? 
The crying girl  
A staple of most nights out, whether you see her sitting outside the club, in the bathroom, or in a corner of the dance floor, this girl is easy to spot. 
She’ll have mascara running down her face, wailing indecipherable phrases while her friends try to console her so they can get back to enjoying the night. 
You’ll likely see her later on, make-up fixed, dancing away with her friends, having forgotten all about what was upsetting her mere hours beforehand. 
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